Aegex Ecosystem Revolutionizes the way Oil and Gas Industry Tackles Carbon Emissions

Human-made carbon emissions are having a detrimental effect on the environment and, as such, have become one of the largest global environmental concerns.

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Upgrading to Digital Twin Technology in Zone 1 Environments

Upgrading to digital twin technology offers an exciting new set of tools for industrial digital operations. Through intelligent 3D visualization of physical assets monitored by smart IoT sensors, digital twins augment engineers' toolboxes with powerful new skills, shattering the industrial status quo.

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Augmented Reality: Digitized Maintenance in the Electrical Utility Industry

Augmented Reality: Digitized Maintenance in the Electrical Utility Industry

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The Case for Digital Transformation in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Undoubtedly, the pharma industry's enthusiasm for the digital revolution has snowballed in recent years. The COVID-19 pandemic, in particular, has put pharma's digital progress to the test, with the 2020 optimistic survey revealing more pharma companies are now leveraging a wide variety of digital tools to put transformation back on track.

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Now is the Time to Digitize Your Operations

More business decisions are driven by data these days than ever before. As companies upgrade to digitized operations, big data analytics provide critical insights to overcome challenging market conditions, which drives more significant business growth.

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Using IoT Solutions to Solve Oil and Gas Refinery Challenges

The Oil & Gas industry faces unprecedented challenges across the entire energy system: more competition, complexity, and regulation. Compounded by increasingly less predictability, these factors lead to squeezed profit margins and the intensified battle for operational efficiency and asset performance.

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Importance of Digitally Equipping Front-Line Workers

Digital transformation, essentially defined as integrating digital technology into all aspects of an organization's existence, represents a welcome upgrade to legacy ways of doing business.

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Benefits of Detecting Fugitive Emissions in Chemical Manufacturing

With little control over market volatility, it's vital for chemical manufacturers to maintain rapid market responsiveness and optimal operational productivity.

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Digitization is a Top-Line Priority for the Oil & Gas Industry

In search of a competitive advantage for their organizations, oil and gas executives are now strongly investing in digital technologies. In the face of increasingly volatile market trends and associated operational challenges, digitization has become a top-line priority for Oil & Gas industry executives.

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The Role of Manufacturing Execution Systems in Pharma

Today's pharmaceutical industry is under immense pressure to develop high-quality products efficiently and cost-effectively while fully complying with strict regulatory requirements. Digital technology can help achieve these often competing goals.

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