NexVu: The Aegex IoT Solution for Hazardous Locations

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The NexVu IoT Solution is an advanced industrial IoT solution providing organizations a next-level view and situational awareness for hazardous operating environments. With NexVu, organizations can see their operational data in a broader context, enabling them to identify potential issues before they start or mitigate challenges at an early stage.

NexVu has been engineered and tested at AegexLabs. From oil & gas facilities to chemical manufacturing to emergency response, any potentially combustible environment can be safely managed with NexVu. NexVu intrinsically safe sensor modules can be configured in thousands of combinations to collect the precise, real-time data you need to help you make better decisions about your operations.

The intelligent solution delivers data from up to 40+ different sensor nodes via Microsoft Azure to virtually any process-control or visualization system. NexVu allows for real-time monitoring and predictive analytics that will drive improved productivity in operations with hazardous environments.

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Aegex NexVu IoT Solution Developer's Kit

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The Aegex NexVu IoT Solution Developer's Kit, engineered and tested by AegexLabs in Hungary, contains the basic elements of the NexVu IoT Solution and enables engineers to better understand the NexVu modular design and flexibility for capturing data that enables greater analytics and operational efficiency. The NexVu Dev Kit includes these components:


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The NexVu IoT Solution for Hazardous Locations brings together the Aegex pillars - Intrinsic Safety IP, Purpose-Built Hardware, and Industrial IoT Applications – into a single solution that drives improved performance for your hazardous area operations.

Intrinsic Safety

Aegex proprietary intellectual property for making devices intrinsically safe is at the heart of all of our solutions.

Mobile Devices, Sensors, Equipment

Aegex tablets, IoT Sensors and other hardware are purpose-built tools that help improve productivity in hazardous locations.

IoT & Cloud Applications

Aegex proprietary and partner cloud-based applications drive digital transformation for industries with potentially combustible environments.

Read about the concepts behind the Aegex NexVu IoT Solution for Hazardous Locations.

NexVu IoT Sensor Modules

This plug-and-play Aegex NexVu IoT Sensor Modules include an endpoint, battery, radio, and customized combinations of 40+ different sensor nodes. Each endpoint can support any combination of these nodes, up to 32 simultaneously. This "plug-and-play" design allows organizations to choose which conditions they want to monitor and easily reconfigure the endpoints and sensor nodes to meet their needs. Data collected by the system can be accessed in real time in hazardous locations by aegex10 Intrinsically Safe Tablets so personnel can immediately analyze and act on it.



IoT Solution

Guardian Center

Testing the Model

To create a model of an IoT for Hazardous Locations, the test facility must be of the size and scope to mimic real-world challenges. The only test facility that meets hazardous industries’ unique challenges is the world’s largest privately held “city” for training first responders, special forces and other teams for disaster planning and recovery: The Guardian Centers.

Aegex is collaborating with The Guardian Centers to develop and perfect a meta-scale solution to meet this complex challenge of building an IoT for hazardous locations.