NexVu: The Intrinsically Safe IoT Sensor Solution
for Hazardous Locations

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The safe, secure, IoT Sensor Solution that fits instantly into your hazardous environment

The NexVu IoT Solution provides organizations a next-level view and situational awareness for hazardous operating environments. With NexVu, organizations can see their operational data in a broader context, enabling them to identify potential issues before they start or mitigate challenges at an early stage.

Any potentially combustible environment can be safely managed with NexVu's customizable array of intrinsically safe nodes that include smart sensors, endpoints and radios.

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How does the NexVu IoT Solution work?

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NexVu intrinsically safe sensing arrays can be configured in thousands of combinations to collect the precise, real-time data you need to help you make better decisions about your operations.

The intelligent solution delivers data from up to 40+ different sensor nodes via Microsoft Azure to virtually any process-control or visualization system. NexVu allows for real-time monitoring and predictive analytics that drive improved productivity in operations with hazardous environments.

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