NexVu: The Intrinsically Safe IoT Sensor Solution
for Hazardous Locations

The safe, secure, IoT Sensor Solution that fits instantly into your hazardous environment

Currently in certification, the Aegex NexVu IoT Solution provides real-time insight and situational awareness for hazardous operating environments. With NexVu, organizations are able to monitor multiple critical metrics throughout the facility at the same time, and can see their operational data in a broader context, enabling them to identify potential issues before they start or mitigate challenges at an early stage.

Any potentially combustible environment can be safely managed with NexVu's customizable array of intrinsically safe sensors that include smart sensors, endpoints and radios.

A Brief History of NexVu

The Aegex NexVu system was created to provide an affordable solution to retro-fit existing infrastructure as well as monitor newer facilities by applying IoT Technology to hazardous environments. During our proof of concept period (pictured at right), Aegex worked with several customers to place NexVu in hazardous areas of their facilities. During this period, we monitored data accuracy, efficiency, and integrity. Our engineers studied the test environments and tweaked data collection sensors as well as our software to improve upon both our initial design product abilities.

The result of these efforts have resulted in the NexVu Product currently in certification.

NexVu side thumb