Pharmaceutical manufacturing is one of the most highly regulated industries with some of the most potentially hazardous environments in the global economy. The pharma industry presents unique circumstances that require a constant focus on personal safety in the production environment. With the highest standards for quality control in production, the pharma industry has hazardous environments similar to mechanically-driven industries. Aegex solutions improve communication that can be delayed or non-existent among pharma operations personnel, while also providing timely visibility and enhanced metrics for pharmaceutical production. Improved communication leads to greater productivity, which, in turn, drives improved performance. Learn about Aegex solutions that drive improved performance … click here. To learn how Aegex can help your operations, contact us today.

Case Study

A U.S.-based pharmaceutical manufacturer operates a clean facility where quality control is of utmost importance. Any maintenance issues must be solved immediately to avoid downtime and to keep productivity high. Particulate dusts in the air create hazardous location environments in various areas of the manufacturing facility, limiting traditional communications with personnel located in those areas. The company needs those personnel to have access to video, FMC, asset management, wireless sensing, and vWLAN, as well as electronic forms for gathering data.

A great mobile communications solution for this facility is the aegex10TM Intrinsically Safe suite, which provides industrial tablets that are purpose-built for C1D1 areas of hazardous environments , where explosive materials are present during normal operations. The rugged IP65-certified tablets can enter explosive zones of the plant, allowing personnel there to connect in real time with the rest of the organization, saving valuable time for reporting and remedying any issues. The aegex10TM tablets’ emergency response application provides personnel with peace of mind for potential emergency situations inside the manufacturing facility. Video and camera capabilities of the tablets allow for instantaneous data capture and reporting, and users can communicate seamlessly with their managers via Windows 10 applications.