Strategic Partnering for Global Enterprise

Aegex has chosen the world’s best Cloud Services, Operating System, Device Components and Testing Facility – specifically, Microsoft, Intel and the Guardian Centers – as our Strategic Partners. Why? Quite simply because these companies offer the best business services for our enterprise customers. Aegex customers are part of some of the largest, most critical industries on the planet, operating hazardous locations that employ thousands and that require the highest level of performance, reliability, and security.

Industries like Oil & Gas, Utilities, Public Safety, Chemicals and others where explosive atmosphere exist have a lot at stake. They cannot afford to compromise anything in their Information Technology systems because mistakes could be catastrophic. Many of Aegex’s customers in these industries already rely on some of these partners for their IT needs. That is why Aegex also relies on them to provide the best services for our products and our customers.

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Windows 10

Windows OS

Aegex devices are future-proof and run the latest Microsoft Windows Operating System, Windows 10+. With Windows 10 on Aegex tablets, enterprise customers can use the same apps to which they are accustomed, including Microsoft Outlook, Office, Maps and more, even in the most hazardous locations. Windows apps can be backed up and synced seamlessly across all Windows 10 devices for real-time connectivity throughout an entire HazLoc operation.

Aegex tablets come with the latest version of the Windows 10 IoT Enterprise operating system. This OS is designed for industrial use by providing longer support, managed releases and enterprise customization.

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Microsoft Applications

Utilize these enterprise applications in hazardous areas with Aegex devices.