Public Safety

The business of safety - the public’s safety - can present some of the most challenging hazards of all enterprise operations. From law enforcement to mission-critical ops to first responders, organizations that are in the business of protecting and serving the public can face unique obstacles in their work. Being able to communicate quickly and effectively is critical, and Aegex meets those needs when there is not a second to lose. Aegex solutions are trusted by public safety organizations to connect first responders and other emergency personnel during times of disaster and everyday operations. With industry-leading Aegex technology, public safety professionals can safely communicate and quickly identify locations and status of team members reacting to unique needs in a crisis situation. Scroll down for Case Studies about Aegex’s annual public safety technology event with Verizon and Nokia and Guardian Centers Disaster Preparedness Training Verizon logo Click here and select “Handheld comms devices” to see Aegex featured as a Verizon Mobility device for public safety. To learn how our solutions can help drive performance in your operations: Contact Aegex today

Aegex at Guardian Centers Disaster Training Facility

The Guardian Centers of Georgia, one of the largest disaster preparedness training facilities in the United States, hosts Aegex, Verizon and Nokia for what has become an annual public safety technology showcase, "Operation Convergent Response (OCR)." See more information about this spectacular event here

The Guardian Centers also invites Aegex to test its intrinsically safe solutions with first responders and other private and public security and defense organizations during various training exercises. See a Case Study below.

Guardian Center
Case Study 1: Operation Convergent Response 2017

Aegex, Verizon and Nokia hosted a emergency response technology showcase at the Guardian Centers in June 2017 to highlight new technologies that can be used by first responders and security/defense teams in disaster situations. The event, Operation Convergent Response 2017, staged realistic disasters - terrorist attack, tornado, chemical plant explosion, and more - and had emergency response personnel test new technologies that aided their efforts.

Aegex tested its intrinsically safe IoT Platform for Hazardous Locations in the chemical plant explosion scenario, where Aegex IoT sensors detected anomalies in conditions leading up to the disaster. Emergency personnel used Aegex tablets to communicate and evaluate data in real time for quicker and more efficient response. See more details here

Case Study 2: Disaster Response Training

Disaster response teams from across the U.S., including the New York Fire Department’s All Hazard Incident Management Team, Georgia Search and Rescue, and a specialized United States Marine Corps unit, among others, came to the Guardian Centers to practice disaster response plans and skills during a multi-agency, realistic disaster training event. The teams, comprised of more than 400 firefighters, EMS rescue personnel, and other first responders, needed a mobile communications system to collaborate in real time. Personnel in the field required intrinsically safe devices that could enter hazardous environments, plus run a uniform platform that included Windows 10, to seamlessly connect to their command centers and all other groups and users.

They found their solution in the aegex10TM Intrinsically Safe Tablet. The first responders and their command centers used Aegex tablets to communicate and manage data in real time. Teams utilized various disaster response software on the tablets, including: First responder apps by Global Emergency Resources (GER) A multi-platform emergency management solution by the COBRA Division of Defense Group Inc. A remote video collaboration tool by HelpLightning An emergency alert tracking device and app by WheribleGPS Deploying these and other emergency management applications, Aegex tablets provided a full mobile disaster preparedness and response solution for the Guardian Centers training event.