AegexLabs is the research and development division of Aegex Technologies based in Pecs, Hungary. Our team of engineers and industrial designers, along with our production staff, manage the design and manufacturing of our intrinsically safe tablets and IoT devices.

The Aegex technical support team is also located in AegexLabs. Our experts provide next-day customer service to address any technical questions, plus assist with specific custom builds and configurations required by customers.


AegexLabs Services

For select customers, Aegex's industrial design and engineering team at AegexLabs can create bespoke solutions in conjunction with current Aegex tablets and sensors, as well as the development of new devices that incorporate Aegex's proprietary methods of making eelctronic devices intrinsically safe. AegexLabs performs this design service by:

  • Project Scoping: Initial assessment, defining NRE Scope of Work (SOW) to clarify objectives, requirements, costs, responsibilities and deliverables
  • Intrinsic Safety ("IS") Designing: Selection of Aegex IS methods for the most efficient joint solution design; delivery of final design, bill of materials and applicable licensing
  • Device Prototyping: Using specialized prototyping equipment and labs to develop proof-of-concept products, sales demonstration models and certification-ready prototypes

Device Certification available for customers that engage AegexLabs' IS Design and Prototyping Services. AegexLabs manages the device certification process from end to end for all desired certifications, global and country-specific as requested by customer, from original IS design to presentation and testing with international certification bodies to obtain relevant certifications.

Engineering, production manufacturing, and quality control engineering experts assess customer facilities and IS audit compliance requirements in accordance with defined IS and ISO 9001 certification processes. Customers may elect to manufacture IS certified products themselves using AegexTrace, a manufacturing compliance software tool provided by AegexLabs under license to manage all necessary production and logistics processes, if the customer facility is ISO 9001 certified and audited quarterly.

ISO Hungarian certification
ISO Certificate - Aegex Technologies KFT


AegexLabs work

Any repairs on Aegex products are performed by accredited, certified facilities to ensure quality work under warranty that always conforms to our certification standards. Product exchanges can be done directly with AegexLabs or can be fulfilled by IBM Global Financing if Aegex products are leased under that program. With either method, your Aegex products are guaranteed by our experts for the highest quality and reliability.

AegexLabs innovation center tests Aegex products at the world’s premier disaster response training facility, the Guardian Centers. By putting Aegex devices through extreme testing in hazardous environments under realistic conditions, we ensure that they are the safest and best performing they can be for any industrial application.

Guardian Centers