How Digitizing Improves Maintenance in Hazardous Areas

Maintenance digitization in risky environments improves operations safety and efficiency.

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Digitizing the Biofuel Supply Chain of Collection Improves Value

The global market for biofuels and renewable sources has been growing steadily, thanks to the increasing use of biodiesel energy as an alternative to fossil fuels in various applications, including motor vehicles.

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The Case for Digitization in Monitoring Methane Emissions

Digitization in methane emissions holds the solution for players in the oil and gas space looking to monitor methane emissions. Read on to learn more about Aegex's digital methane mitigation solutions tailored to accurately monitor methane emissions in your operations.

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Verifying Sources in the Biofuel Feedstock Chain

The global biofuel market is exploding, especially in the U.S., E.U., Brazil, and Indonesia, where there are annual record amounts of biofuel in production.

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How COVID-19 is Driving Digitization in Pharma Manufacturing

Learn how the global drive to halt the Coronavirus pandemic significantly drives digitization in pharma manufacturing.

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Defining Digitization in the Pharmaceutical Industry: A Supply Chain Discussion

Over the past several years, the pharmaceutical industry has deployed many Industry 4.0 strategies across a vast, complex, and sophisticated global supply chain.

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3 Reasons It’s Time to Digitize Your Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operations

In a short time, the pandemic has drastically increased our dependency on technology. Before the pandemic, pharmaceutical manufacturers had been averse to implementing new technology.

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Embracing Technology in the Oil and Gas Industry

As the world is getting ready for a "Fourth Industrial Revolution," oil and gas companies looking to gain competitive advantage can benefit from automation.

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Aegex Ecosystem Revolutionizes the way Oil and Gas Industry Tackles Carbon Emissions

Human-made carbon emissions are having a detrimental effect on the environment and, as such, have become one of the largest global environmental concerns.

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Upgrading to Digital Twin Technology in Zone 1 Environments

Upgrading to digital twin technology offers an exciting new set of tools for industrial digital operations. Through intelligent 3D visualization of physical assets monitored by smart IoT sensors, digital twins augment engineers' toolboxes with powerful new skills, shattering the industrial status quo.

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