Three Ways Digitization Is Transforming Toxicology

Digitization in toxicology is helping reduce errors in data analysis and delivering faster research turnarounds.

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Digitization Harnesses the Power of Safety Data and Analytics

Explore the power of digitization to strengthen organizational safety cultures by harnessing safety data and analytics to protect workers and boost productivity.

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New EPA Rules Target PFAS Chemicals, AKA “Forever Chemicals”

Explore EPA rules targeting PFAS chemicals, aka forever chemicals discharged by chemical manufacturers, and use digital tools that help with EPA compliance.

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Smart Manufacturing: Data Analytics and the Connected Factory

Read about the rise of Industry 4.0, digitally connected factories, and ways data analytics are optimizing the future of smart manufacturing.

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How to Enable Real-Time Communication in Zone 1 Environments

Zone 1 environments are typically explosive areas that pose dangers to occupants. In such environments, there is the presence of an explosive atmosphere that is intermittent in regular operation.

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Oil and Gas Industry Outlook: 2023 and Beyond

Oil and Gas industry growth outlook for 2023 despite the rising fuel prices and fears of a recession.

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How a Digital Methane Monitoring Strategy Improves Stakeholder Relationships

 Stakeholder relationships in the Oil and Gas industry are often strained by unchecked methane emissions. How digital methane monitoring can help.

By Aegex Technologies | Tue, November 08, 2022 Read more

Using IoT Sensors and Real-Time Monitoring for Machinery and Machine Guarding Compliance

Operating a machine or accidentally encountering moving machine parts pose risks, including severe injuries and death. Compliance with U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards is crucial for avoiding accidents and preventing avoidable injuries.

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Digital Solutions Improve OSHA Hazard Communication Compliance

Explore OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, high yearly violations, and cost-effective digital solutions to improve workplace safety and OSHA compliance.

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Reconciling Environmental and Financial Benefits of Digital Methane Mitigation

Discover how oil and gas players benefit financially from digital methane mitigation

By Aegex Technologies | Tue, September 27, 2022 Read more