Enabling Access to Real-Time Data in Emergency Situations

During the third annual Operation Convergent Response (#OCR2019) event Nov. 19-21 at the Guardian Centers in Perry, Ga., USA, Aegex integrated our NexVu IoT Solution in realistic disaster scenarios to demonstrate the power of real-time contextual data to assist emergency response.

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5 Reasons Oil & Gas Should Embrace IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) deployment in the oil and gas industry is expected to reach $39.4 billion by 2023, according to a BIS Research. In oil and gas, IoT consists of sensors that monitor everything from pump performance to air quality to inventory, plus the machine learning and artificial intelligence tools that enable companies to automate tasks. So, why are oil and gas organizations so eager to embrace IoT? Here are a few reasons:

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Offshore Europe 2019 Wrap-Up: Connecting the Dots for IoT in Hazardous Operations

The recent Offshore Europe 2019 exhibition in Aberdeen, UK, was an opportunity for Aegex Technologies to showcase our NexVu IoT Solution, a modular, wireless, intrinsically safe sensor solution that can monitor more than 60,000 bespoke combinations of gases and ambient conditions in oil and gas operations to spot patterns and streamline processes.

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Safe Technology for Safer Operations: Intrinsically Safe Solutions Drive Improved Process Safety in Oil and Gas

Process safety is a framework for managing asset integrity in order to avert unplanned incidents. In the oil and gas industry, process safety management aims to limit risk by preventing the release of gases that could ignite combustible environments.

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Making IoT Simple for Oil & Gas with the NexVu Sensor Array: Q&A Recap of 14 August Webinar

Aegex Technologies recently delivered a 30-minute webinar, “IoT for Oil & Gas Made Simple

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Advice from CIMA: Attend Emergency Response Technology Showcase 2019

On 15-16 August 2019 in Deer Park, Texas near Houston, multiple cutting-edge technology developers will come together to showcase their solutions that can help save lives during oil and gas industry emergencies.

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4 Exciting Reasons to Attend This Emergency Response Technology Event

Oil & Gas typically avoids ‘excitement’ – but this event is different! 4 exciting reasons to attend the Emergency Response Technology Showcase 2019

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What Downstream O&G Operators Want: 3 Takeaways from the Downstream 2019 Exhibition

What do you offer a downstream oil and gas company that has it all? Better operational insights and communications, of course! Good thing that Aegex Technologies, along with partner Exloc Instruments Inc., had just the right solutions to offer during the recent Downstream 2019 exhibition, June 11-12, in Houston: the Aegex NexVu IoT Solution, aegex10 Intrinsically Safe Tablet and Extronics’ iRFID500 tag reader.

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Trend #7: Proliferation of IoT Devices

This is the last of a seven-part blog series on the latest technology trends in hazardous area operations.

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Solving Process Manufacturing Maintenance with IoT Technologies

Solving Process Manufacturing Maintenance with IoT Technologies: An IoT Solution for Predictive Maintenance Management

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