Digitization Tools for Methane Mitigation in Oil & Gas Production

The U.S. oil and gas value chain emits 13 million metric tons of methane a year, which is a loss of enough natural gas to fuel 10 million homes.

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International Environmental Agency Responses to Carbon Emissions

See how various international environmental agencies are tackling carbon emissions.

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4 Ways to Improve Safety in Zone 1 Environments

The International Labor Organization estimates that about 380 000 workers die each year from occupational accidents. Undoubtedly, worker safety is crucial in any environment, but it is critical in hazardous areas.

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5 Key Strategies for Avoiding Carbon Taxes

Global warming is driving extreme climate events across the planet with increasing regularity, scope, and intensity. Hoping to mitigate the effects of climate change, governments around the world are developing carbon taxes to help achieve ambitious climate targets and meet sustainability goals.

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Digitization Brings Real-Time Situational Awareness to Disaster Response

Learn how state-of-the-art digitization solutions and tools offer real-time situational awareness to emergency and disaster response management teams

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Tackling Carbon Emissions in 2022

There's no doubt climate change is the biggest challenge for humanity in the 21st century. Experts reveal one of the greatest drivers of climate change is carbon emissions from fossil fuel combustion and industrial processes.

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Benefits of Digitization in the Biofuel Industry

There is rising interest in biofuels as the world turns to clean liquid fuels that help address energy security and global warming concerns. Research reveals the global biofuel market will likely reach $153.8 billion by 2024. In 2020, global biofuel production grew to reach 1,677,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day, compared to 187,000 barrels of oil equivalent produced 20 years ago.

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Digitization to Mitigate Hazards in the Fragrance Industry

Flammable liquids in the fragrance industry can explode if ignited. Explosion risks in hazardous areas exist in the fragrance Industry.

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Digital Monitoring for Hazardous Environments in Food Production

Digital monitoring is the key to reducing potential dust explosion hazards in the food production process. Food flavorings may also ignite under the right conditions.

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The Importance of Reducing Methane Emissions

Monitoring methane emissions is key to reducing climate change. Methane is a key greenhouse gas, ultimately increasing global warming.

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