Aegex Technologies: Proactive Strategies for Preventing and Mitigating Chemical Incidents

Discover how Aegex's intrinsically safe solutions go beyond standard measures, anticipating and mitigating chemical incidents.

By Aegex Technologies | Wed, January 17, 2024 Read more

IIoT Tech Turbocharges IT/OT Convergence in Smart Manufacturing

Explore game-changing IIoT tech solutions turbocharging IT/OT convergence in Smart Manufacturing, including Zone 1 sites

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Digital Oil and Gas: 5 Steps for Scaling Up From the Pilot Phase

Five steps for full digital oil and gas success to scale digital transformation pilots to enterprise-wide usage.

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Building Digital Twins to Create Value Today and the Metaverse Tomorrow

Build powerful digital twins to create value today and pave the way to value creation in tomorrow's enterprise metaverse.

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Four Key Steps to Digital Factory Transformation Success

Explore 4 key steps to upgrade a legacy operation to a digital factory, including crucial Zone 1 differences and solutions.

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Early Methane Detection Can Help Fight Global Warming

Aegex digitization tools detect methane leaks, helping reduce methane emissions in the atmosphere.

By Aegex Technologies | Thu, November 02, 2023 Read more

Emissions Management Will Define the Oil & Gas Industry’s Next Decade

A robust, tech-driven emission management strategy in the oil and gas industry is key to reducing global emissions and combating climate change.

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The Role of the Private Sector In Helping Achieve Net Zero

Through renewable energy adaption, halting deforestation, and decarbonization investments, the private sector has a role in helping the world achieve net zero.

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Exploring the Role of Biomethane in Tomorrow’s Gas Economy

The present energy gap following the Russia-Ukraine crisis has had global economies looking into biomethane as an alternative energy source.

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Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions for Oil and Gas Supply Chain Optimization

Explore IoT solutions for supply chain optimization along the entire oil and gas supply chain, even in Zone 1 hazardous locations.

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