Reconciling Environmental and Financial Benefits of Digital Methane Mitigation

Discover how oil and gas players benefit financially from digital methane mitigation

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How Digitization Helps Businesses Meet ESG Criteria

The current economic, public health, and social justice turmoil facing the entire world has intensified the need for prioritizing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) matters.

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EPA Cuts and Digital Tools Bring Methane Mitigation to Natural Gas Pipelines

Learn how EPA proposals to reduce methane emissions from natural gas pipelines are promoting innovative digital tools for oil and gas methane mitigation

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Oil and Gas Technology to Know

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New EPA Rules for Methane Mitigation Target the Oil and Gas Industry

How new EPA methane emissions regulations impact the oil and gas industry; how digitization tools offer cost-effective methane mitigation solutions.

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Benefits of Digitizing Lockout/Tagout Procedures

Explore the importance of OSHA's lockout/tagout (LOTO) regulations for employee safety and the many benefits of digitizing LOTO procedures.

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Interpreting Trends and Drivers of the Global Methane Budget

Methane is the second most important greenhouse gas driving climate change after carbon dioxide. Unlike carbon dioxide, methane stays in the atmosphere for shorter periods. However, methane has a much higher global warming potential than carbon dioxide.

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Digitization Tools for Methane Mitigation in Oil & Gas Production

The U.S. oil and gas value chain emits 13 million metric tons of methane a year, which is a loss of enough natural gas to fuel 10 million homes.

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International Environmental Agency Responses to Carbon Emissions

See how various international environmental agencies are tackling carbon emissions.

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4 Ways to Improve Safety in Zone 1 Environments

The International Labor Organization estimates that about 380 000 workers die each year from occupational accidents. Undoubtedly, worker safety is crucial in any environment, but it is critical in hazardous areas.

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