Aegex’s Reseller Partner Program offers the exclusive opportunity to provide Windows-based Intrinsically Safe enterprise mobility solutions for the world’s most hazardous operations. Critical industries, such as oil & gas, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, public safety and utilities, are eager to adopt new mobile technologies that are approved for use in their most volatile hazardous locations around the globe. Only Aegex brings the power of Windows 10 and real-time Cloud connectivity to this market, where harnessing big data can have significant impact on enterprise productivity and safety.

Whether to pair with your existing offerings or to provide Aegex products separately, Aegex intrinsically safe solutions make a great addition to your sales portfolio.

Becoming an Aegex Reseller means differentiating from competitors by being able to offer the only globally certified intrinsically safe C1D1/Zone 1 tablet that runs the latest Windows operating system and includes industry-specific applications that can be tailored to your clients’ needs.

Aegex assists its partners to become productive vendors by providing the appropriate resources and support to build strong channels along market verticals. As an Aegex Reseller, you will be offering your customers unique and powerful solutions to enhance their safety and communications, while boosting efficiency and productivity.

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Aegex seeks knowledgeable and capable partners around the globe with various strengths that enable our customers to achieve success in their digital transformation.

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