NexVu IoT Sensor Modules

Aegex provides an array of intrinsically safe (IS) nodes to collect and report operations data.

Node configurations may be customized to track the specific types of data each organization desires. User selected sensor nodes measuring distinct information can be plugged together with NexVu packaged components to comprise bespoke configurations that automatically transmit data to the cloud and for provide real-time monitoring of operations.

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Dozens of intrinsically safe sensor nodes

Sensors detecting different gases, temperatures, pressures, etc. can provide myriad data that, together, give a holistic view of plant operations. Individual data points, when combined with other data and machine learning, result in the big data that improves processes and can help improve overall efficiency, safety and productivity. Some examples of sensor nodes include:

  • Temperature
  • Wind direction
  • Wind Speed
  • Wind Speed, Direction, Rain Gauge
  • Gases (C02)
  • Gases (CO)
  • Gases (CH4)
  • Gases (Ethanol)
  • Gases (LPG)
  • Gases (Hexane)
  • Gases (Smoke)
  • Gases (H2)
  • Gas (Ozone)
  • Gas (Hydrogen Sulfide)
  • Gas (Phosphine)
  • Light Intensity
  • Nuclear Radiation
  • Laser and Trip sensor
  • Sound Intensity
  • Liquid pipe Pressure
  • Fire/Flash
  • Proximity (very short Distance sensor)
  • Humidity
  • Air Pressure
  • Air Quality (Dust)

Some of the fastest returns can be generated by monitoring:

OEM Equipment
Employee Status
Production Chemicals
Annulus Pressures
Critical Health Equipment


By transforming business processes through IoE [Internet of Everything] technologies, oil and gas companies can capture their share of the $600 billion of value at stake between 2016 and 2025, according to Cisco Consulting Services. For a $50 billion O&G firm, this translates into an 11 percent bottom-line (EBIT) improvement.

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