Digitization Harnesses the Power of Safety Data and Analytics

Digitization Harnesses the Power of Safety Data and Analytics


Harnessing the power of digitization empowers organizations with safety data and analytics, providing insights and assessments about workplace incidents, accidents, injuries, and risks. It also helps strengthen the corporate safety culture by offering regular opportunities to review reports and other graphical interpretations of current safety risks and trends with your employees. Maintaining a strong safety culture is vital because workplace injuries significantly impact productivity, directly and indirectly, in critical ways, including:

  • Time lost due to worker injuries resulting in work stoppages
  • Machinery and/or equipment damages and related repair delays
  • Administrative time required of supervisors and safety managers for reporting purposes
  • Costs and time needed for replacement worker training

In this article, we'll explore the power of digitization to strengthen your organizational safety culture by harnessing safety data and analytics to make data-driven decisions for protecting workers and boosting productivity.

Workplace Safety Is Crucial for Productivity

An industrial safety survey published by Automation World offers insight into why employees sometimes choose to ignore safety guidelines. The number one reason respondents gave for not following safety guidelines was "to keep production going." As one participant admitted, "Getting the job done often clouds the decision-making process."

Yet, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), "Promoting safe and healthy work practices boosts profitability and productivity among employers of all sizes." The CDC also states that productivity losses incurred by U.S. employers amount to $225.8 billion annually due to worker absenteeism.

A recent study published in Occupational Health Science reports improvements in productivity when workplace safety improves, too. The authors state, "Employees' safety and health are of primary importance, as both are key elements in achieving an organization's desired productivity and efficiency."

The Automation World survey found that a strong safety culture is essential for optimal productivity. This means adopting a top-down holistic approach to setting clear organization-wide priorities. If workers feel safety is less important than other metrics, such as productivity, unsafe behavior can occur. But prioritizing safety as a core value that workers can't ignore results in a safer workplace.

Digitization Harnesses Safety Data and Analytics

Digitization enables organizations to combine historical safety data with massive amounts of data from many other sources. The variety of other data sources may include:

Applying advanced machine learning, analytical and statistical techniques, and data visualization technologies to this integrated data efficiently identifies potential safety risks. It also enables quick action to address safety issues before a potential catastrophe occurs.

Digitization helps organizations build stronger safety cultures, too. Harnessing the power of safety data and analytics empowers employers to fully engage their workforce in the process of improving workplace safety.

Regular safety meetings are great opportunities to demonstrate the corporate priority of safety by sharing reports of current safety metrics and predictive insights. Presenting employees with graphical charts and other visual displays of workplace safety analytics helps build interest and encourage greater participation in safety programs.

Aegex Technologies Helps Build a Strong Safety Culture

At Aegex Technologies, we understand that leveraging digitization is essential to create a strong safety culture for protecting workers from injuries and organizations from lost productivity. All Aegex digitization tools are purpose-built intrinsically safe solutions, globally certified to comply with safety standards for potentially explosive environments, such as ATEX/IECEx Zone 1 and Class I, II, III Division 1.

Aegex Technologies offers the latest wireless IoT-based devices, such as NexVu sensors for monitoring and transmitting precise, real-time data to state-of-the-art aegex10 tablets. Our Windows-based aegex10 tablets come with a full suite of leading-edge software for managing operations, workflow, maintenance, regulatory compliance, 3D visualization, analytics, reporting, communication, collaboration, and so much more.

If you'd like more information on harnessing the power of safety data and analytics to strengthen your organization's safety culture and boost productivity, please contact us here.