Digitizing Control of Work Can Improve Safety

Digitizing Control of Work Can Improve Safety


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that a total of 5,333 workers died from work-related injuries in the U.S. in 2019, representing a 2% increase from the 5,250 fatalities recorded in the previous year. The primary cause of these accidents is a lack of workplace safety culture characterized by unsafe behavior, taking shortcuts, ignoring procedures, distractions, and untidy workplaces.

Currently most industries operating in hazardous environments, such as the oil and gas industry, emphasize safety, regulatory compliance, and new business models that improve processes. Implementing the right digital control of work system into your operations is an effective way to improve the safety and efficiency of maintenance activities and meet regulatory compliance.

What Is Digital Control of Work?

A digital control of work system is powerful software that aligns work processes with control measures, thus ensuring all standards are met and all activities are documented. Ideal digital control of work platforms can help companies in grievous operations streamline compliant processes and achieve safety goals by providing staff and assets with integrated awareness, graphical oversight, and risk mitigation tools. 

How Digitizing the Workflow Improves Worker Safety

A digitized workflow undoubtedly delivers additional value to traditional paper-based systems. Digital solutions can improve worker safety by minimizing the risks of human error through automated workflows. It discourages the culture of shortcuts in hazardous processes by providing mandatory fields and steps that individuals must be complete before saving or moving to the next step. It also provides real-time access to documents and maps that help identify potential conflicts and issues on the work floor that could pose safety risks to personnel.

Digital systems also enable a detailed audit and tracking trail for improved safety. In essence, a digital control of work system enables authorized personnel to tightly control and document high-risk and perilous work processes, ultimately leading to a safer and more collaborative enterprise.

How a Digital Workflow Increases Productivity

The traditional control of work systems involved mountains of paperwork, meaning employees had to fill out paperwork and then pass it on manually to the next person in the chain. This is a time-consuming process that leads to inefficiencies and unproductivity. 

Digital control of work solutions significantly reduce paperwork while making information widely available to personnel working in site offices, control rooms, or remotely in the field. Essentially, mobile access to digital control of work systems enables users to retrieve digital procedures, checklists, and permits in real-time and in any location, thus increasing productivity, efficiency, and safety.

Aegex Digitalization Tools Monitor Processes and Improve Safety

Aegex tablets running on windows OS can remotely monitor key choke points in the risky work processes to improve safety and efficiency and boost productivity. The intrinsically safe tablet is uniquely designed for use in the most dangerous zones of explosive environments. It allows for superior mobile communication on risky job sites where employees can't use traditional devices. 

The Aegex tablet is an ideal device for managing data, automating workflows, digitizing paperwork, tracking assets, and streamlining maintenance activities.

Improve Safety and Boost Productivity with the Aegex Intrinsically Safe Tablet

As part of their day-to-day operations, workers at industrial sites must perform several high-risk and perilous procedures that pose serious safety risks to their workforce. Failure to complete the correct control of work ultimately leads to compromised safety and health of personnel, inefficiencies, loss in production, and damage to facilities. 

An effective way to improve safety and achieve more efficient, flexible, and transparent operations is by digitizing the control of work. Aegex provides certified and intrinsically safe tablets and IoT sensors that significantly improve the safety of your operations.