Digital HazLoc: Boosting Zone 1 APM With Advanced Analytics

Digital HazLoc: Boosting Zone 1 APM With Advanced Analytics


Achieving digital hazardous location (HazLoc) success at sites with combustible environments requires highly regulated and certified equipment. Fortunately, new certified intrinsically safe (IS) solutions are boosting Zone 1 systems, like asset performance management (APM) to enterprise-scale APM 4.0 technologies. These solutions feature AI-based advanced analytics for oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining, and other designated HazLoc Zone 1 environments. However, transforming current Zone 1 APM systems to APM 4.0 requires three crucial steps:

  • Prepare the foundation: Implement a fully integrated IT/OT and IoT platform
  • Extract critical information: Deploy advanced analytics
  • Boost capabilities: Leverage predictive and prescriptive intelligence
Keep reading to learn the necessary steps for scaling Zone 1 APM functions to enterprise-scale APM 4.0 operations with IoT-based advanced analytics delivering bankable business results.

Digital HazLoc: Boosting Zone 1 APM With Advanced Analytics

Digital transformation initiatives have evolved asset performance functions at Zone 1 HazLoc into modern, intrinsically safe digital HazLoc operations. However, digital capabilities keep evolving with advancements in digital technologies. Understanding and taking advantage of these exciting developments offer a significant competitive edge over peer and rival organizations. Taking its cue from advances in digital technologies driving Industry 4.0, the name "APM 4.0" reflects advances in sensor-based analytics that upscale asset performance management. Among the many technological improvements, newer IoT sensors are driving higher-quality data capture that empowers greater overall organizational visibility, performance, and success. Now, visionary execs are adopting new strategies and benefitting from new opportunities as their return on investment (ROI) for digital transformation increases. They are rolling their ROIs back into greater digital capabilities, like deploying advanced analytics for boosting Zone 1 APM systems into enterprise-scale APM 4.0 technologies.

Leverage the Power of APM 4.0 Technologies

Leveraging the power of AI and machine learning, APM 4.0 holistically connects operational technology (OT) driving engineering, operations, and maintenance functions with advanced information technology (IT) via the Internet of things (IoT). Hence, APM 4.0 drives a single integrated digital thread that spans the entire life cycle of industrial assets. This optimizes real-time decision-making via predictive analytics and alerts and empowers prescriptive analytics for initiating automated maintenance activities. APM 4.0 offers digital HazLoc execs bankable bottom-line improvements with measurable performance gains. Proactive asset management benefits include reducing costs and unplanned downtime, increasing the useful life of high-cost equipment and components, and optimizing the safety and performance of equipment and personnel. The three crucial steps for transforming Zone 1 APM into profit-boosting digital HazLoc APM 4.0 include:
  1. Prepare the foundation - Implement a certified intrinsically safe IT/OT and IoT platform for storing, managing, and integrating multiple-source data with the data historian. This platform also integrates application development and management, as well as advanced analytics that fuel innovative decision-making technologies.
  2. Extract critical information - Deploy predictive analytics for tracking risks and/or sub-optimal asset performance. Predictive analytics generate specific, accurate, and meaningful insights and alerts that are transmitted to appropriate personnel in real-time via IoT-connected smart devices, like mobile tablets, wearables, and more.
  3. Boost capabilities - Leverage prescriptive analytics that automatically links predictive maintenance alerts to pre-defined, prescriptive actions and/or intervention requests. Do this for resolution before issues and/or failures negatively impact operations.

Boost Your Digital HazLoc With Aegex Technologies

Boost your digital HazLoc operations and improve bottom-line performance with state-of-the-art Aegex digital solutions. Enterprise-scale deployment of APM 4.0 is a snap at Zone 1 HazLoc with world-class Aegex Technologies powering purpose-built and globally certified intrinsically safe IT/OT and IoT devices, tools, and apps. The Aegex IoT Platform for Hazardous Locations offers a quantum leap in mobility and profitability. With our NexVu IoT sensors, world-class applications, and AI-based algorithms generating predictive and prescriptive analytics, alerts, insights, and automated action requests to our aegex10 tablets, you'll receive fully optimized business intelligence delivered to your hands in real-time. If your organization wants advanced digital HazLoc solutions for boosting bottom-line performance with APM 4.0 technologies, consider partnering with industry-leading Aegex Technologies. For more information, contact us here.