Maximizing ROI with Mobile Maintenance Management Technologies

aegex10 Intrinsically Safe Tablet Use Case

The Challenge

Asset integrity management, or AIM, is a plan for verifying that equipment is designed, installed and maintained properly to ensure its safe and effective functioning over the lifespan of an industrial asset. AIM helps reduce the risk of equipment failure, ensure the safety and reliability of its operation, secure associated data, maintain regulatory compliance, and generally optimize the lifespan and performance of assets. But AIM is costly, with data showing that maintenance management typically comprises at least 40% of a business’s total operational budget. In industrial environments where combustible materials are present, such as chemical or pharmaceutical manufacturing or oil and gas operations, asset maintenance encompasses heavy machinery and myriad parts operating together in large systems, so their damage or failure is extremely costly. Shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages (STO) and even regular maintenance often require shutting down assets if technicians do not have the certified mobile devices they need to efficiently and safely perform inspections during operation. Effective and efficient maintenance management is challenging in industries with potentially combustible hazardous areas because only specially designed and certi ed mobile devices are permitted. Without the ability to manage data digitally, technicians must rely on the slower method of collecting data with pen and paper and performing analysis or scheduling maintenance at a later time outside of the hazardous area operations.

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The Solution

Cloud-based asset performance management (APM) systems running on mobile devices approved for hazardous area operations, like aegex10TM Intrinsically Safe Tablets, can help companies better manage their assets. With Aegex tablets, maintenance and operations personnel can quickly and safely perform various asset integrity tasks, including:

  • Completing digital forms for inspections and checklists
  • Performing risk-based inspection (RBI) analysis of corrosion, pitting, misalignment, cracking or other wear of an asset
  • Capturing photo and video data about assets
  • Consulting digital manuals or other information
  • Communicating with offsite experts and team members
  • Ordering replacement parts or service
  • Inventorying assets
  • Accessing equipment design information, maintenance records, and process safety management information
  • Performing asset integrity data analysis onsite
  • Recording data to cloud-based back-office systems for compliance purposes
Digital APM records that are time-stamped and easily accessible enable various teams to use them, easing transition between shifts and syncing information among multiple maintenance personnel. Capturing asset integrity digitally also improves accuracy, versus recording data with pen and paper and then having to enter that data into digital systems offsite at a later time.

The Results

Performing asset integrity maintenance with aegex10TM Intrinsically Safe Tablets in hazardous area operations drives significant return on investment (ROI) for asset-intensive industries. When industries such as chemical, pharma, oil and gas and others with hazardous environments utilize Aegex tablets, they can:

  • Perform certain asset integrity checks during regular operation without shutdown
  • Complete asset maintenance more quickly
  • Capture real-time data
  • Analyze data onsite
  • Make data-based decisions
  • Predict and prevent potential asset integrity problems
  • Mitigate risk
  • Save millions of dollars in averted downtime

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Want More Info?

About Aegex: Aegex is a technology engineering and design company that provides intrinsically safe Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and mobile solutions for hazardous industries. Our globally certified intrinsically safe Windows 10 tablet, sensors and partner monitoring systems, form an IoT platform that manages big data to improve efficiency, safety and productivity in hazardous industrial environments in oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, utilities, public safety, defense and other industries with potentially explosive atmospheres.

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