TAAP is the Agile Application Platform created to help organisations of any size leverage the benefit of Digital Transformation, Actionable Data, Expert Systems and Artificial Intelligence.
TAAP operates in over 88 countries in multiple languages and across all industry sectors and verticals with the technologies running on all Operating Systems (IOS, Android, Windows) and devices (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, Mac, web).
TAAP technologies can also be used in the most hazardous of environments allowing users to be able to perform inspections and assessments, field service tasks, asset management, compliance checks or any other digital processes that may be required.
TAAP runs on the Aegex Windows and Android device platform to deliver this hazardous environment capability.
To find out more go to: http://ontaap.com/Aegex

TAAP Use Case
TAAP Webinar: From Paper to Digital with TAAP + Aegex

Joint Value Prop

TAAP digital forms on aegex10 Intrinsically Safe Tablets enable workers in hazardous area operations to quickly and easily fill out paperwork, perform inspections and access digital information in real time. Digitizing maintenance or other tasks with this joint solution can dramatically improve efficiency in CID1 or ATEX/IECEx operations.