Aegex Technologies Announces Risk Mitigation & Insurance Premium Reduction Service

Aegex Technologies Announces Risk Mitigation & Insurance Premium Reduction Service

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Collaborative Service to Be Provided with Risk Management Specialists Ridge Global, AcuTech Consulting and FHOOSH

Atlanta, Ga. (March 5, 2018) – Aegex Technologies LLC, together with risk management consultants Ridge Global and AcuTech Group and software partner FHOOSH, has announced a new risk management service for high-risk operations in potentially explosive environments, such as oil and gas, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

With strategy guidance from Aegex partners, companies can introduce technologies into their operations to help reduce their risk exposure and, thus, insurance premiums.

  • AcuTech offers consulting, training and risk management software to reduce risk and improve safety and security performance.
  • Ridge Global assists organizations in mitigating enterprise risk through innovative preparedness, protection, response and education strategies.
  • FHOOSH offers high-speed, ultra-secure data sharing for critical operations.
  • Aegex provides intrinsically safe mobile devices and IoT solutions that bring real-time data management to hazardous operations.
Together, these companies present a complete technology and management solution that helps hazardous operations mitigate their inherent risk.

For more information, visit this site and read a white paper about the new solution.

View the Aegex webinar that features all partners in a panel discussion about the solution.

About Aegex Technologies, LLC
Aegex Technologies is a premier engineering and design services firm that specializes in creating intrinsically safe mobile solutions for hazardous industries. Our globally certified intrinsically safe Windows 10 tablet provides cloud connectivity to personnel working in some of the world’s most volatile environments, including ATEX/IECEx Zone 1 and C I, II, III D1 hazardous locations in oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, utilities, public safety and other industries with potentially explosive atmospheres. Aegex’s Windows 10 intrinsically safe 10.1-inch tablets with customizable enterprise-class software and industry-specific applications are the basis for an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for hazardous locations. Visit

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