Risk Mitigation & Insurance Premium Reduction

The value of implementing Digital Transformation and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) strategies is increased efficiency that can help improve safety and productivity. The deployment of new technologies like intrinsically safe tablets, IoT sensors, software, cloud and encryption can positively impact risk and liability.

To help organizations decrease security risks and mitigate their overall risk, Aegex has teamed with Ridge Global, Acutech Consulting and FHOOSH for a unique Risk Management Solution.

  • Ridge Global works with C-suite executives and corporate directors build more resilient organizations through innovative preparedness, protection, response and education capabilities.
  • Acutech Consulting develops and manages software that verifies industrial operations and maintenance rounds to help customers meet compliance requirements.
  • FHOOSH software encrypts data and provides an ultra-secure and high-speed means of sharing it.
  • Aegex Technologies provides intrinsically safe tablets and IoT sensors to collect, share and manage data in real time from within hazardous locations, thus reducing time lag, mistakes or other safety and security risks.

These services together form a collaborative risk management solution that incorporates technology and risk mitigation strategies to help companies demonstrate material reductions in their risk profile, thus lowering facilities' insurance costs.

Contact us for more information or to participate in a pilot study of this impactful solution.

Use Case: Risk Management (Ridge/AcuTech/FHOOSH/Aegex)

Risk Management

Ridge Global
Acutech Consulting