Now is the Time to Digitize Your Operations

Now is the Time to Digitize Your Operations


More business decisions are driven by data these days than ever before. As companies upgrade to digitized operations, big data analytics provide critical insights to overcome challenging market conditions, which drives more significant business growth. Investing in digitization equips organizations with beneficial technologies streamlining every aspect of the business, such as:

  • operational efficiency
  • cost-efficiency
  • supply chain efficiency
  • inventory management
  • asset management
  • process management
  • team management
  • risk management
  • downtime management
  • regulatory compliance
  • employee accuracy
  • production uptime
Bringing real-time connectivity to industrial operations allows organizations to utilize the power of data to optimize efficiency, productivity, downtime, and safety, ultimately driving business success and expansion.

Revolutionizing Industrial Operations with the Power of Data

Big Data is the backbone of the fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0, presently transforming industrial operations. Industry 4.0, explained in an article from, "is entirely based on the vision to enable automated decision-making processes, monitoring assets, and equally real-time connected networks and processes. It's a connected environment of people, services, processes, systems, Big Data, and IoT-enabled assets of the industry." Employees in Zone 1 environments can't switch from conventional pen and paper methods to digitization via traditional mobile computing devices. Standard smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices can create sparks leading to a potentially catastrophic detonation. Only purposely built intrinsically safe devices are certified for equipping employees with digital technologies that can streamline and even revolutionize their potentially explosive work environments.

Utilizing the aegex10TM Tablet and the Cloud

Guaranteed intrinsically safe, the aegex10TM Intrinsically Safe Tablet is the first purpose-built, Windows-based device to receive Zone 1, Level 1 certification. Aegex10 tablets harness every operational aspect, delivering digital reporting software and augmented/virtual reality apps across the latest cloud platform directly into even the most dangerous industrial zone. Specifications of the aegex10TM Intrinsically Safe Tablet include:
  • Purpose-Built Intrinsically Safe and Enterprise-Class Tablets: Aegex devices are certified ATEX/IECEx Zone 1; certified by SGS to UL 913 Class I, II, III Division 1 Groups A-G; and IP65 for hazardous (classified) locations.
  • Solutions for All Hazardous Zones and Jobs: Aegex devices run the operating system and applications to secure enterprise deployments.
  • Enterprise Collaboration: Aegex devices use 4G LTE or Wi-Fi for real-time communications.
The aegex10 tablet is lightweight, rugged, and simple to deploy. It utilizes the Windows10 operating system, email, and other convenient apps that many employees are already familiar with, facilitating your operations' digital transformation to Industry 4.0.

Now is the Time for Digitized Operations

Deborah Byers covers the future of energy for Forbes. Writing recently about the need for digitized operations, Byers states, "Data analytics are necessary to make the right decisions. "90% of oil and gas executives in an EY survey said investment in digital technology was needed to survive current market conditions. Furthermore, executives ranked the increasing availability of data analytics and insights as one of the top-three trends expected to positively impact their company's business growth in the next three years.” If your organization is interested in digitization, we can help revolutionize your operations with real-time connectivity, communication, and collaboration. As a globally recognized technology, engineering, and design company, we provide intrinsically safe digital solutions that manage big data for Zone 1 industries. Our digital solutions can enable your organization to make beneficial data-driven decisions that ultimately drive more significant business growth.