Digitizing Process Safety to Reduce Risk and Increase Uptime in Hazardous Operations

Acuity® by Acutech + Aegex Intrinsically Safe Solutions

The Challenge

The process-manufacturing industry requires a significant amount of data collection for operations that ensure process safety. Antiquated, paper-based data capture in hazardous field locations doesn’t allow for crucial real-time communications or collaboration. Transcription of paper-based data can introduce errors or cause loss of information that is crucial to a facility’s operational integrity. Additionally, manually captured data does not enable authenticated and validated (time and location) auditable inputs. A series of small and often undetected errors can lead to a major catastrophic incident; thus, a system is needed to identify and mitigate those errors. And, yet, the thousands of alarms and alerts that go off each day create “noise” and confusion without context or access to expert input to pinpoint what is most important or whether a risky confluence has occurred.The potential for creating sparks prevents the use of most mobile computing devices (laptops, tablets, cameras, or phones) in Class I Division 1 or ATEX/IECEx Zone 1 hazardous locations. Only devices that are intrinsically safe – certified to not cause an explosion – are permitted as a means of connecting personnel to the Cloud and enabling them to manage critical and validated information more quickly and accurately

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The Solution

AcuTech is a process safety, security, and management consulting company that has over 25 years of experience conducting process hazard analyses, process safety compliance audits and conducting facility siting studies. AcuTech has leveraged its consulting expertise and deep industry knowledge to develop and deliver Acuity®; the most flexible, scalable, focused and cost effective EHS and Risk Management solution on the market today which improves operational performance and compliance. Acuity® is an innovative cloud-based solution which delivers insight into process safety risk within the business through the consolidation of multiple process safety audits and assessments into one central risk registry platform, promoting increased audit efficiency, better assessment management, eal-time visibility into the risk within the business and resolution of risk metrics through automated action item management. Acuity® by AcuTech is a software platform that enables the mobility of existing process safety, security and environmental assessments from the office into the operating environment to facilitate field-level audits and assessments in accordance with existing company process safety and risk methodology. Acuity® replicates virtually any type of checklist, form, audit, inspection, survey, field review, operator or management walk-arounds and pre-startup reviews that companies are currently typically performing with spreadsheets, Word documents or existing homegrown software applications.​

The Results

Intrinsically Safe Mobile Communications Acuity® may be installed on intrinsically safe mobile computing devices, which allows real-time communications and collaboration between back office and high-risk hazardous areas. Certified intrinsically safe mobile computing devices eliminate paper-based data capture, reducing risk and helping create a culture of process safety. Capture the Unseen with Intrinsically Safe Sensors Aegex’s intrinsically safe-certified NexVu IoT Sensor Modules can be configured in thousands of combinations to collect the precise, real-time data you need to help you make better decisions about your operations. Augmenting data captured through digital rounds management and existing sensor inputs, the intelligent devices deliver data from up to 40 different sensor nodes via Microsoft Azure to virtually any process control or visualization system, including Acuity®. NexVu allows for real-time monitoring and predictive analytics that will drive improved productivity in operations with hazardous environments. NexVu plus Acuity allows you to capture critical unseen issues and get the context you need to make the right decisions. “Aggregated real-time analysis enhances process safety initiatives as they combine parameters to monitor factors such as corrosion, vibration, weather, energy consumption and other factors.”

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Want More Info?

About Aegex: Aegex is a technology engineering and design company that provides intrinsically safe Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and mobile solutions for hazardous industries. Our globally certified intrinsically safe Windows 10 tablet, sensors and partner monitoring systems, form an IoT platform that manages big data to improve efficiency, safety and productivity in hazardous industrial environments in oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, utilities, public safety, defense and other industries with potentially explosive atmospheres.

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