Lessons Learned From Guardian Centers Testing

Lessons Learned From Guardian Centers Testing

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by: Thomas Ventulett, CEO, Aegex Technologies 

You can plan and test technology in a lab, but until you insert it into a real-life situation, you never know for sure how it will work. What is so amazing about the Guardian Centers is that it’s as realistic and as close to an actual disaster as you can possibly get. There is no better place to test Aegex equipment and software. We are fortunate here in Georgia to have a real-stress, real-world environment like Guardian Centers, and the event last week allowed us to test our abilities with the actual people who will need to use it in real-life disasters. If the glare on our tablet’s screen is too high, or if a pull-down menu on an application is too complex, we need to know about it. The first responders don’t have to understand how the tablet and its software works, they just need to get the right information, in real time, and deliver it to the right people, so they can respond quickly and efficiently to the situation at hand. We want to make the technology as easy to use as possible for the first responders, so they can do their job.

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In the testing at the Guardian Centers last week, we learned some things about the tablet that didn’t perform as well as we would have liked, so now we are figuring out how to fix those. But we may not have known about these issues had we not seen the tablets and software in action in those high-stress situations and worked with first responders to understand their needs in very tense and extreme environments. We don’t need to test our equipment using gimmicks like dragging it behind a car. What we need to know is that first responders can use Aegex tablets effectively while climbing over rubble, can access drone video, can access maps, can record and transmit various types of data, and can do all of this in real time. All we dream for technology is irrelevant if it’s not useful in this type of high-stress environment. We used this real-world test bed at Guardian Centers to find out.

Check out our own video footage of Guardian Centers Training Facilities here.

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