Aegex Technologies Celebrates Success of #OCR2018 for Improving Emergency Response and IoT Solutions

Aegex Technologies Celebrates Success of #OCR2018 for Improving Emergency Response and IoT Solutions

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Operation Convergent Response 2018, #OCR2018, provided Aegex Technologies a perfect environment to further validate the powerful impact of its mobile and IoT solutions in emergency response and critical industrial operations. The aegex10TM Intrinsically Safe Tablets and Aegex NexVu IoT Sensors used by first responders in realistic disaster scenarios delivered  specific public safety use cases which will drive future product enhancements. These learnings for emergency response will also inform opportunities to drive enhanced productivity for operations with hazardous environments.

“OCR2018 was an ideal setting to showcase how Aegex intrinsically safe tablets and IoT sensors can provide situational awareness for first responders during emergencies. But testing our technologies in realistic, extreme conditions also proves that Aegex solutions can be trusted for the most critical industrial operations or any situation in which ‘every second counts,’” said Aegex CEO Thomas Ventulett.

#OCR2018 was the second annual immersive learning experience that gives first responders the opportunity to test emerging technology in realistic disaster situations to learn how it can help them save lives.  Launched in 2017, #OCR2018 was hosted by Verizon and Nokia with collaboration from Guardian Centers and Aegex under a common vision to improve emergency response through innovative solutions.

Hosted at the Guardian Centers training facility in Perry, Ga., USA, #OCR2018 featured seven disaster scenarios: Earthquake, Active Shooter, Interstate Pile-Up, Hurricane, Helicopter Crash, Subway Terror Attack and Nuclear Detonation. In each, some 250 communications industry decision makers and public safety leaders witnessed real first responder teams demonstrating dozens of technology providers’ solutions to rescue actor victims.

Aegex’s CEO Thomas Ventulett was the facilitator for the Earthquake scenario, leading groups of guests through the scene and explaining the dozens of technologies being demonstrated, including Aegex’s own innovative solutions.

The Aegex sensors and tablets successfully enabled first responders to quickly assess these disaster scenarios and quickly mobilize rescue and recovery activities. Aegex intrinsically safe tablets were deployed in all seven #OCR2018 scenarios to safely operate various software applications, as the tablets are certified to not cause a spark in potentially combustible environments such as may exist during emergency situations. The Aegex tablet featured prominently in the Earthquake scenario, where participants saw real-time sensor data, precise GPS locations of emergency responders in the wreckage, live overhead drone video and other applications. Aegex IoT Sensors were also used in the Earthquake scenario to capture other critical conditions, including gas leaks and possible aftershocks.

To kick off the event, Aegex and NetMotion Software hosted the welcome dinner for #OCR2018. The pig roast dinner included entertainment by a local live band, 7 Sharp 9.

Aegex extends an enthusiastic “thank you” to Verizon, Nokia, the Guardian Centers, the 90+ technology vendors and all of the first responders who made #OCR2018 a tremendous success.

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