Aegex-AcuTech Risk Management Solution Demoed during 2019 European Conference on Process Safety & Big Data

Aegex-AcuTech Risk Management Solution Demoed during 2019 European Conference on Process Safety & Big Data

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Frankfurt, Germany (October 2, 2019) – AcuTech Consulting, a risk management technology group, demonstrated how their Acuity® software running on aegex10 Intrinsically Safe Tablets can streamline risk management during the 2019 European Conference on Process Safety and Big Data, 1-2 October, in Frankfurt, Germany.

AcuTech’s Acuity® software is a cloud-based solution that delivers insight into process safety risk through the consolidation of multiple process safety audits and assessments into one central risk registry platform. Acuity® can replicate checklists, forms, audits, inspections, surveys, field reviews and operator or management walk-arounds and can be used in Class I Division 1 or ATEX/IECEx Zone 1 hazardous areas on Aegex’s Windows 10 tablet that is certified intrinsically safe for combustible environments.

“This dual solution helps process industries streamline their risk management strategies by putting compliance tools into the hands of personnel in the field so work can be verified in real time. We are grateful to AcuTech for demonstrating our joint capabilities to the chemical safety industry at this important event,” said Aegex CEO Thomas P. Ventulett following the conference.

Using AcuTech’s Acuity® software on Aegex tablets helps:
- Remove errors and delays in paper-based data capture and transmissions
- Enable a compliant audit trail of rounds conducted in a validated and secure digital environment
- Facilitate and document communication between SMEs and operators
- Ensure critical knowledge is highlighted and all relevant information is transferred at shift change.

An additional Aegex solution that can be used in conjunction with Acuity® is the intrinsically safe NexVu IoT Solution, a modular sensor array that collects real-time data in hazardous operations. The intelligent NexVu sensor devices deliver data from up to 40 different sensor nodes via the cloud to virtually any process control or visualization system, including Acuity®, augmenting the data captured digital rounds and legacy sensors. NexVu enables real-time monitoring and predictive analytics that capture critical unseen issues to improve safety and, thus, help to control risk, in operations with hazardous environments. 

AcuTech and Aegex solutions together promote increased audit efficiency, better assessment management, real-time visibility into business risk, and resolution of risk metrics through automated action item management.

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About Aegex Technologies, LLC 
Aegex Technologies is a global provider of certified intrinsically safe solutions that connect people, assets and data in industries with hazardous locations. By offering real-time collaboration and data insight about operations, Aegex enables companies to make intelligent, data-driven decisions that help transform the way they operate, improving efficiency, safety and productivity.

Aegex solutions, including mobile communications devices and IoT sensors and platform, are certified for use in the world’s most hazardous areas, Class I, II, III Division 1 and ATEX/IECEx Zone 1. Together with our partner ecosystem applications, they bring actionable insights to critical environments such as oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, energy/utilities, aviation and emergency response.

Our aegex10 Intrinsically Safe Tablet, NexVu IoT Solution and future products are supported by a network of strategic partners, technology partners, resellers and distributors around the globe.


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About AcuTech Group Inc.
AcuTech offers a full range of management and technical consulting services, a world-class training institute and new enterprise risk management software for improving risk, safety, and security performance. We have robust project experience in safety, security, and preparedness for industries handling hazardous materials. Example services include auditing, Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards, crisis management, deep-water port assessments, emergency response planning, expert witness testimony, facility siting and consequence modeling, fire protection, inherently safer technology, layers of protection analysis, mechanical integrity, process hazard analysis, process safety management, quantitative risk assessment, security management systems, security plan development, security risk assessments, waterway suitability assessments among others.