AI Is the Key to Boosting Manufacturing Productivity

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Digital technologies that use artificial intelligence (AI) offer game-changing advantages to the manufacturing industry. Employing AI helps optimize equipment and personnel efficiencies via real-time analyses of events and it reduces potential downtime via real-time alerts for interventions and actions. Several key productivity-boosting benefits of AI for manufacturing enterprises include:

  • Using valuable operational data already available from production infrastructure
  • Increasing efficiencies of current operational equipment resources
  • Optimizing the time value of manufacturing personnel
In this article, we'll cover the profitable benefits of deploying AI to boost productivity in the manufacturing industry. We'll also look at the special requirements for using AI in potentially explosive (Zone 1) manufacturing environments.

AI is the Key to Boosting Manufacturing Productivity

The ultimate goal of successful AI deployment is increasing productivity by optimizing the efficiency and output of available resources. By achieving this, you also generate greater time value for your entire workforce. Keep reading for more details about AI's productivity-boosting advantages.

Boost Manufacturing Productivity by Using Data Already Available

As Dr. Nikunj Mehta, Founder and CEO of Foundry, notes, "Valuable operational data produced in industrial infrastructure goes mostly unutilized in the energy, manufacturing, and transportation sectors." In fact, less than 1% of data transmitted by electronic sensors turns into actionable information for decision making in most industries, including those with Zone 1 or potentially combustible atmospheres. The key to benefiting from available data is recognizing which data offers the greatest return on investment. You'll want to ensure the assets you select will produce measurable productivity improvements by investing in and deploying AI. Your engineers' time and expertise will be invaluable during this decision-making process.

Deploy AI to Boost Efficiencies of Critical Operational Resources

After identifying and connecting your critical operational assets, AI can provide analyses and insights for improving efficiencies. Connecting critical assets to the Internet of Things (IoT) via IoT-based sensors allows data capture and transmission to AI-based analytical models for identifying important issues, generating alerts and insights, and initiating actionable events.

Boost Productivity and Time Value of Plant Personnel

An engineer's time value increases exponentially with more productive activities, once relieved of manually sifting through event data in a time-consuming and retroactive response to yesterday’s problems. By providing real-time alerts and insights, artificial intelligence helps the entire workforce. Everyone can now stay one step ahead of equipment maintenance, failures, and other costly productivity-related issues.

Deploying AI to Boost Zone 1 Productivity

Operations in many industries occur in inherently dangerous locations with potentially combustible Zone 1 environments. Deploying AI for boosting Zone 1 productivity requires specialized, intrinsically safe (IS) electronic devices that can't ignite a spark. Standard electronics and smart devices aren't permitted in Zone 1 locations because they pose a danger of igniting catastrophic explosions. For example, certified IS devices like Aegex Technologies' NexVu IoT sensors collect and transmit data to aegex10 IS mobile tablets, offering Zone 1 personnel instant access to AI analytics, insights, and alerts. While responding to on-site issues, aegex10 tablet users also enjoy full access to a state-of-the-art digital platform for workflow and asset management, communication, collaboration, and much more.

Partner With Aegex Technologies for Successful AI Solutions

Another key to deploying successful AI solutions in Zone 1 locations is choosing the right partner. Aegex Technologies is a world-class partner for enterprise-level digital transformation. We have headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, and Rotterdam, Netherlands, as well as many sales offices in the U.K. and UAE and distributors worldwide. If your organization wants proven productivity-boosting benefits of deploying AI, we can help. Aegex digital solutions are globally certified intrinsically safe in all UL Class I, II, III Division 1 and ATEX/IECEx Zone 1 locations.