When Every Second Counts:  Operation Convergence Response (#OCR2018) Returns to Showcase Life-Saving Innovations

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Aegex Technologies joins Verizon and Nokia for second annual public safety technology expo

Perry, Ga., USA. (Sept. 25, 2018) – Aegex Technologies will demonstrate its latest solutions that can assist emergency first responders during Operation Convergent Response (#OCR2018), Nov. 5-8, 2018 at the Guardian Centers in Perry, Ga., USA.

#OCR2018 is the second annual public safety technology expo and live demonstration event hosted by Verizon and Nokia in collaboration with the Guardian Centers and Aegex. #OCR2018 brings together dozens of the world’s most innovative companies to showcase their technologies that can enhance emergency response operations.

During multiple disaster scenarios at #OCR2018, Aegex will demonstrate its aegex10TM Intrinsically Safe Tablets and Aegex IoT Sensor Modules as part of the complete Aegex IoT Solution for Hazardous Locations. The IoT modules, which can be configured to detect dozens of gases each, will report data in real time to the Aegex tablets. The tablets can be used by first responders throughout disaster operations, as they are certified “intrinsically safe,” meaning they do not pose a danger of spark or explosion in highly combustible environments.

Aegex IoT sensor modules will be used to detect gas leaks and air quality during a simulated subway terror attack and an earthquake-induced building collapse, as well as track radiation levels from a nuclear detonation during #OCR2018. The aegex10TM Intrinsically Safe Tablets will be used in these and additional disaster scenarios to track first responders and as means of safe communication among team members and managers and to send and receive real-time information about rescue efforts.

About Aegex Technologies

Aegex Technologies designs and delivers innovative technology solutions that improve productivity and efficiency in industries with hazardous work environments. From our intrinsically safe tablets to our IoT sensor modules and partner applications, Aegex solutions enable improved performance in industries such as public safety, oil & gas, and manufacturing operations with combustible environments. Visit aegex.com or contact us to learn more. Follow Aegex for the latest updates on #OCR2018.

About Operation Convergent Response (#OCR2018)

In any crisis – whether a natural disaster, a terror attack or an industrial catastrophe – every second counts. That’s why Verizon, Nokia, the Guardian Centers and Aegex Technologies are collaborating again to host a second annual training and live scenario event that puts the latest emergency response technologies in public and private first responders’ hands to help save lives.

#OCR2018 brings together the world’s most innovative companies to showcase technologies that can enhance emergency response operations during realistic disaster scenarios. The annual event, directed at corporate and government audiences, features a live scenario demonstrations, a trade show, conference, and immersive learning experiences.

The event’s goal? Showing the world what is possible to improve the work of those who respond when every second counts.