Importance of Digitally Equipping Front-Line Workers

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Digital transformation, essentially defined as integrating digital technology into all aspects of an organization's existence, represents a welcome upgrade to legacy ways of doing business. And, as an organization navigates this transformation, exciting cultural changes transform everyone from the C-suite to frontline workers. The reality of operations informed by real-time metrics, data-driven analytics and actionable insights is a revolutionary game-changer, driving optimizations in organizational performance, workforce performance and everywhere in between.

In this article, the benefits of digital transformation are explored, including:

  • Organizational transformation and empowerment
  • Digitally equipping frontline workers
Transformation Starts at the Top

For digital transformation to be successful, Forbes reports, C-suite leadership is crucial. Executives must lead by example, understanding the technology being implemented to ensure it drives desired organizational outcomes. Keynote Digital Transformation Speaker Greg Verdino adds, "Digital is not a department, like marketing or finance or operations or manufacturing. Digital is the business and digital thinking must be infused into every area of the business.”

Once adopted top-down, the whole hierarchy benefits from increased access to digital tools and data. Promoting a beneficial culture of two-way engagement, the increased information flow transforms communication and empowers innovative digital thinking throughout the organization.

Benefits of Digitally Equipping Frontline Workers

Digitally equipping frontline workers delivers exciting benefits including fostering employee development, retention, and morale. Working with cloud-connected IoT sensor data providing workers with real-time metrics on asset performance, efficiency, accuracy, safety, etc., allows close monitoring and fosters optimization. Utilizing approved mobile devices for onsite and remote communication, collaboration, and decision-making allows these needs to be filled instantaneously. In such a satisfactory work environment, ideas, experiments and innovations from frontline employees may be encouraged and facilitated with great agility and success.

Thus equipped with the right digital tools, training and corporate culture, frontline personnel are encouraged to help drive productivity and efficiency gains, which in turn drive financial gains and competitive advantage for the entire organization.

Turn to Aegex Technologies for the Right Digital Tools

As a leading digital design and engineering firm, Aegex Technologies LLC offers a full spectrum of digital tools to ensure your organization's successful digital transformation. Our aegex10TM Intrinsically Safe Tablets, globally certified for employees in ATEX/IECEx Zone 1 and C I, II, III D1 environments, provide familiar Windows-based mobile access for every aspect of digital operations.

By utilizing aegex10 tablets in conjunction with a full suite of customizable enterprise-class software, industry-specific applications, intrinsically safe NexVu Sensors and IoT platform connected via Microsoft Azure Cloud services, we've got your digital transformation covered.

Empower Your Organization

Investing in digital transformation has become a top-line priority. According to a recent report by Statista Research, global direct investments in digital transformation from 2020-2023 are projected to reach $6.8 trillion dollars. "These investments," notes Statista, "will further push the global economy towards becoming a digital one, as 65 percent of the world's gross domestic product is forecast to be digitalized by 2022."

Anant Nyshadham is co-founder of the Good Business Lab, a research organization focusing on the frontline workforce. Nyshadham expects significant returns from investments in frontline workers, noting, "because of the size of this workforce and economies of scale, frontline workers may be the most cost-effective segment in which to invest.”

Clearly, the time for digitally equipping your workforce is now, and time is short, indeed. Taking on digital transformation has become the only means of survival for many organizations, offering the best path forward to achieving long-term business sustainability, profitability and overall success. Let Aegex Technologies help you explore the best practices of a successful digital transformation. If you're interested in digitally equipping your organization's workforce, empowering everyone from C-suite executives to frontline workers, contact us here.