Platform App Suite and APIs

A successful IoT platform is not simply about connecting things, but also people. Individuals are at the heart of data capture and consumption. Armed with the right devices, individuals can spot anomalies (a puddle, rust, etc.) that can take an order of magnitude of sensors to identify. With connected devices, individuals can also be fully informed about problems or potential problems and be able to immediately act to address them.
Extensive field trials have pointed to a collection of Applications and APIs that contribute to a holistic view of a large-scale operation. When configuring the aegex10TM IS Tablet with various software:

  • Bar Code
  • NFC
  • Other data-capture apps
the tablet becomes a powerful tool for collecting and analyzing data in a hazardous location environment and for communicating with and among hazardous area personnel.


Aegex Sensor Management & Visualization App

The Aegex Sensor Management and Visualization App enables users with an aegex10TM Intrinsically Safe Tablet to program sensors, visually monitor the status and performance of sensors in the field, and view history or previous anomalies.

Industry-specific apps on the Aegex10 IS Tablet

Users in the most explosive hazardous locations (IECEx Zone 1 / Class I, II, III Div 1 / ATEX Zone 1) can collaborate and utilize data in real time for improved efficiency and productivity. Some examples include:

Partner Apps

Preload partner apps for vertical applications.

Skype for Business

Use Skype for Business for augmented reality field collaboration.

Microsoft Cognitive APIs

Employ APIs such as facial recognition for secure login or emotion recognition to monitor worker distress or suitability in hazardous situations.

IBM Watson

Incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to better utilize data and improve processes.