Today’s advanced Enterprise customers require tools that allow them to maximize their use of big data and facilitate higher productivity. With Windows 10, they can take advantage of:

  • Single platform and universal apps for all personnel in all parts of the business
  • Security and identity protection features for wide deployment
  • Flexibility to build on current IT investments
  • Windows 10 Enterprise offers real-time analytics for data mining, discovery and reporting with tools such as SQL Server or Windows Azure Business Analytics, which can help draw insight from business data and maximize worker productivity.

    Windows 10 Enterprise helps organizations connect all personnel to the information they need to manage assets and processes in real time. Microsoft also offers support for accessing data from connected sensors and embedded devices, providing end-to-end workflows that work seamlessly with existing systems, including previous versions of Windows.

    With one platform, Windows 10 Enterprise allows organizations to build universal apps that span across all Windows devices. It also provides one management paradigm and security model, which is designed to save costs and reduce IT complexity.

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Windows 10 Enterprise

Windows 10 for Utilities

Windows 10 helps Utilities interact with data from the Internet of Things (IoT) by using real-time analytics to monitor operations, improving troubleshooting and making processes more efficient. Bringing these capabilities to production employees and field service operators through the use of safe, rugged tablets like the Aegex10 Intrinsically Safe Tablet, equips entire Utilities enterprises with on-the-spot recording and reporting ability for seamless communication and optimized efficiency. Windows apps are already built for mobile and touch, so they are easily accessible to all field workers across all devices. Field personnel can respond to emergencies and events, send data and forms and communicate in real time. And, with Aegex intrinsically safe tablets, all of these functions can be utilized by even those in C1D1 and Zone 1 hazardous locations.

With the new Windows 10 feature, Continuum, users can switch from tablet to desktop, or connect a mobile device to a monitor to use it like a desktop. This versatility allows Aegex10 Intrinsically Safe Tablet users to continue operating the same programs when moving from C1D1 or Zone 1 areas of hazardous locations to the office.

Windows 10 Enterprise for Oil & Gas and Mining

Windows 10 offers solutions for oil & gas and mining that enable companies to take advantage of cloud services, apps, mobility, social computing and other platforms to manage Big Data. The Microsoft Upstream Reference Architecture (MURA) provides oil and gas companies with cloud-based solutions to reduce risk and operating costs, achieve faster time to first oil and optimized production, improve safety and environmental performance, improve recovery, and increase return on asset investment.

A Microsoft and Accenture survey in 2011 showed that 36% of more than 200 oil and gas engineers, managers and IT managers had plans to use cloud services “in the future” and another 32 percent were currently using private or public cloud services. They wanted easier access to data for operational decision making in the oilfield. The MURA provides such services for upstream oil and gas operations.

Mobile devices, such as the Aegex10 Intrinsically Safe Tablet, offer a means for users in even the most hazardous locations of oil and gas operations to access data instantly from integrated, secure, cloud-hosted services made available through MURA.

Oil & Gas