Rental and Leasing Programs

Aegex solutions, including the aegex10 Intrinsically Safe Tablet, can greatly improve efficiency by enabling teams to safely communicate and manage data in real time in hazardous industrial environments.

To mitigate capital budget constraints and begin your digital transformation today, we have developed easy-to-use leasing and rental programs that offer smart financial options to quickly deploy Aegex devices, including warranties and certain software:

  • Leasing program: enables the deployment of larger volumes of Aegex tablets and accompanying accessories and services at a fixed monthly cost
  • Rental program: provides smaller deployments for short-term projects
Learn more about the Leasing and Rental programs below, and then contact an Aegex representative to take advantage of these services that help you to quickly improve efficiency, safety and productivity in your hazardous area operations.

Lease Aegex solutions for 36 months with the option to buy the leased devices, swap out the devices for new ones, or return them at the end of the lease term.


  • Avoid high device and service costs at project start (CapEx) and, rather, be billed at one price per device per month (OpEx)
  • Meet project budget targets with financing
  • Avoid device obsolescence by upgrading to new devices at end of lease

Rent up to five (5) Aegex tablets and related accessories for up to 30 days to more efficiently perform inspections or audits, monitor maintenance on specific assets, or complete other short-term projects.


  • Speed up projects with real-time, cloud-connected communications
  • Test Aegex tablets in hazardous area operations before committing to purchasing
  • Be billed per month and avoid high device and service start-up costs