Feedstock And Compliance Tracking System

As industries transition to lower carbon energy sources, petroleum alternatives such as waste organic oils including used cooking oil (UCO) serve as a critical component in global decarbonization efforts by reducing carbon emissions by nearly 80% according to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

The benefits of transitioning to low carbon fuel feedstocks may be hindered due to recent changes in enforcement of regulatory reporting requirements, which are necessary to prevent fraud in the market. Aegex solves this problem for the biofuels industry by providing an auditable system that can track waste oils from verifiable sources to producers according to EPA defined reporting requirements, and assigns Carbon Intensity (CI) scores to batches as defined by the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) per the California Air Resource Board (CARB).

Aegex worked in the field with collectors, processors, producers, and auditors to develop and deploy the Aegex Feedstock and Compliance Tracking System (FACTS™). FACTS is a complete track and trace solution that matches UCO volumes from verifiable locations (i.e., restaurants) to specific renewable fuel production batches. FACTS is employed today by UCO collectors, aggregators, and processors that are leading the industry in compliance and records management, enabling an end-to-end secure and auditable ‘Chain of custody.

Aegex FACTS™ is a complete solution that includes an open API (Application Programming Interfaces) for enterprise integration, in-vehicle system, plant operations interface, oil monitoring sensors, dashboards, analytics, and reporting.
To learn more about our deployed solutions and how the Aegex Team can help your company operate more efficiently and meet regulatory compliance, contact us to see a demonstration of the FACTS platform.

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Key benefits of FACTS include:

  • Enabling record keeping compliance of feedstock sources in accordance with EPA regulation 40 CFR 80.1454(j)
  • Scope 3 Supply Chain Carbon Intensity (CI) of collections UCO based on the LCFS CA-GREET3.0 calculator
  • Secure, auditable, and anonymized sources for all Bills of Lading (BoL’s)
  • Anonymized source batches and calculated CI scores easily transfer from company to company
  • Independent 3rd party auditable records and reporting
  • Real-time analytics and operational trendline of gCO2e generated by collection routes and operations to enable broader low carbon pathway objectives.