Product Leasing

Aegex IoT products, including our aegex10TM Intrinsically Safe Tablet, can truly transform the way hazardous industries operate. We want to make it simple for customers to purchase our products, so we have partnered with IBM to provide an easy-to-use leasing and financing program.

Under the IBM Global Financing program, customers can lease aegex10TM IS Tablets from IBM locations around the world in local currencies.

IBM can offer Aegex customers 2-year or 3-year leases with the option at the end of the lease term to buy the leased Aegex devices, swap out the devices for new ones, or simply return them. Used Aegex devices can be collected and then recycled or disposed of through IBM’s Global Asset Recovery Services (GARS) that provides environmentally conscious collection and repurposing of pre-owned electronics worldwide.

See more details about the Aegex-IBM Global Financing program here.

Value Proposition for Aegex Customers:

Avoid high device and service costs at project start and, rather, be billed at one price per device per month.

Payment-free periods and an individually designed payment stream, independent from project milestones (dependent on credit-worthiness)

On/off balance guidelines for projects (off-balance with leasing possible)

Meet your project budget targets with financing (even cash-rich customers have to balance budgets)

The IBM Global Financing program also allows Aegex customers to take advantage of IBM’s MobileFirst solution and global support services.

The IBM Customer Centre handles delivery confirmation, lease management and end-of-lease in one simple tool. The Centre provides for Aegex customers:

  • A secure, online management tool for leased assets
  • Online billing and reporting that is accessible anywhere
  • Streamlined invoice reconciliation
  • Customizable and downloadable reports

Simplified leasing and financing for Aegex equipment with global care from a brand you can trust – IBM.

Contact Aegex or IBM for more details.