Utilities routinely face regulatory and compliance hurdles, aging infrastructure and other challenges while maintaining safety in explosive hazardous environments. Providing real-time communication for utility workers in hazardous environments will provide utility companies with new insights for improved performance. The aegex10TM intrinsically safe tablet allows onsite and field personnel to carry rugged tablets full of powerful apps that solve utilities challenges safely, even in explosive hazardous environments.

Case Study

A natural gas utility requires real-time communications to coordinate production, distribution and maintenance of its facilities, pipelines and customer sites. The company needs a solution that allows all personnel in the production, distribution and maintenance chains the ability to communicate and upload data to a cloud environment.

The Aegex 10TM intrinsically safe tablet enables employees in production facilities to take measurements, monitor activities, and provide real-time data to managers in on-site offices using the same platform. Maintenance personnel can safely document pipeline conditions using the Aegex IS tablets’ cameras and GPS function to mark specific locations of interest. The company’s service providers who check meters and report leaks at customers’ locations can also replace their pencils-and-paper reports with the aegex10TM IS tablet’s digital documents. Call center managers can reroute resources according to changing needs in real time with Aegex tablets’ logistics functions. Transcription error and reporting time can be reduced with digital data capture on site. Deploying aegex10TM IS tablets, the highest-certified devices, for every employee in the enterprise would be accessible with Aegex tablets’ low price points. Thus, the entire utility team could carry aegex10TM IS tablets to eliminate risk at every step of their operation.