Oil & Gas

Aegex gives you visibility into potential problems… before they happen.

The oil and gas industry drives global economies, so ensuring those operations continue without interruption is critical. But problems do occur, and these industries are challenged to minimize the impact. More importantly, they aim to prevent those issues in advance of a real catastrophe.

Now with Aegex, oil and gas professionals have a real solution to address these challenges. Leveraging market-leading Aegex solutions, global enterprises can have greater visibility into their mission-critical operations. The Aegex IoT platform provides a comprehensive solution to deliver visibility and drive improved performance - safely - in these hazardous environments.

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Case Study

The maintenance staff at a large refinery aims for zero downtime. Although the staff moves through Division 1 and Division 2 areas, the use of voice, text, and email have become critical to their operations. Workers also use cameras to document conditions as part of work orders. The customer wanted a single, integrated platform to open and close orders, document conditions, input data into their ERP system in real-time, and communicate across all areas of the facility without the danger of explosion.

They found their solution with the aegex10TM IS Tablet, operating emergency response software and industry-specific apps.