The global mining industry may be one of the most hazardous environments of any industrial market.  Heavy equipment and lone workers are often in areas not physically mapped or even accessible, which create challenges to ensure both safe and efficient operations.  And depending on certain factors, mining can also produce a highly combustible situation, which drives even stronger requirements for safety. Knowing where your  workers are located and being able to track them and their equipment is critical.  Now, with the aegex10 tablet and industry-leading Aegex solutions, mining operators can meet their needs for faster communication and better tracking opportunities, safely.  Best of all, Aegex solutions have met the highest levels of safety certification around the world. Learn more about Aegex solutions that drive improved performance … click here. Looking for a safe, rugged solution for your mining operations?  Contact Aegex today to learn how we can help you solve your needs.

Case Study

IoT in the mining industry is relatively new. With the right technologies, the “connected mine” can inventory large numbers of heavy equipment and monitor all of their software, maintenance needs and performance. Data about each piece of the mining operation – including people – can be collected and analyzed in the cloud, resulting in an improvement in regulations, as well as alerting managers about potential problems.

Mining Solutions

The aegex10TM Intrinsically Safe Tablet is specially certified for mining operations, being designed to withstand dust and methane. It is also globally certified for Zone 1 and Division 1 hazardous areas, so it is safe to carry into highly explosive mining locations.

Inside mines, the aegex10TM IS Tablet can collect all types of data to transmit to the cloud. The mine’s IoT platform can be integrated with the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite to take advantage of advanced analytics, machine learning and other Azure services that can help improve on-site safety and productivity. With Azure Machine Learning, for example, a mining organization can create a model to predict the common causes for fatigue-related accidents and issue a warning when the probability of such an accident is high. Azure services can also help determine the best type, intensity and location of explosives to optimize blasting conditions.

Using the aegex10TM IS Tablet in mining operations can help to increase productivity and improve safety.