Businesses in today’s chemical manufacturing industry require real-time visibility over the field and instant access to personnel. Mobility is the key to allowing real-time communications at all steps of the workflow process and in all zones of a worksite, including the most hazardous locations.

Communications devices must be super-rugged to survive the daily challenges of field force workers, including drops on concrete floors, submersion in puddles and general use.

Aegex’s mobile communications product portfolio allows your onsite personnel and field forces to carry durable tablets full of powerful apps that solve industry challenges safely, even in explosive hazardous areas.

Case Study

A European chemical company produces propylene, butadiene and benzene, among other chemicals in a manufacturing facility. The company is required by a government mandate to inspect 2,000 vessels of varying sizes every 5 years, which amounts to several inspections each day over the time period. Inspectors must take photographs to monitor corrosion.

Using aegex10TM IS tablets, inspectors could create a photographic timeline of the storage vessels to identify when and if corrosion begins to occur. They could also use the tablets to create “hot work” permit tickets that approve shut downs in certain stages of production where explosive components are present. Carrying tablets would allow personnel to carry digital, rather than paper, manuals for equipment, procedures and general company regulations. These digital files would replace hardcopy manuals and move all maintenance information to a cloud environment, where every team member could access updated material each day. Even personnel who participate in inspections but do not enter explosive areas could use aegex10TM IS tablets for enhanced safety. Even lesser hazardous zones become C1D1 or Zone 1 critical zones in the case of spills or leaks. Aegex tablets allow all personnel anywhere in an operation to remain safe on or off site. Providing every team member an aegex10TM IS Intrinsically Safe tablet is practical and feasible, since the price point of this highest-certified device is low enough to justify offsetting even a chance of explosion risk.