Aegex Digital Transformation Advisory Service with OSIsoft

Digital Transformation means fully leveraging digital technologies following a strategic program to accomplish the organization vision in terms of business impacts, including enhanced safety, improved operations. In cooperation with OSIsoft, Aegex can provide consulting services to help you address complex challenges in your hazardous area operations.

OSIsoft has a dedicated global Digital Transformation consulting group that can walk you through the process of establishing a vision and strategy, building a business case, and implementing a program approach, to implementing an IoT/Industry 4.0 strategy, while incorporating intrinsically safe Aegex technologies to make your transformation as smooth as possible.

With installations in 127 countries, OSIsoft is uniquely positioned to provide insights and guidance on the evolution from current technologies to connecting sensor-based data, systems and people.

The result: real-time, actionable insights that empower companies to optimize and transform their businesses.

Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation Perspective