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Aegex Technologies aims to provide our customers with complete solutions for managing their data and communications in order to improve their overall safety and productivity. We have partnered with some of the top software providers worldwide to offer the latest IoT, predictive maintenance, operations management, workflow management and other applications that help our customers optimize their operations.

Browse or search for solutions from the following applications that can be paired with Aegex hardware for comprehensive results. Or contact Aegex to inquire about bespoke solutions that meet your industrial needs.

Check back often, as we continue to add new application partners. If you are interested in becoming an Aegex Partner and listing your software or application here, please contact us.

Nokia provides products and innovations in IP and cloud networking, as well as ultra-broadband fixed and wireless access. Aegex works with Nokia in conjunction with Verizon to support the annual Operation Convergent Response (OCR) event showcasing new technologies that help first responders improve performance and save lives.

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We deliver an enterprise infrastructure, the PI System™, to connect sensor-based data, systems and people. The result: real-time, actionable insights that empower companies to optimize and transform their business.

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Primation offers solutions for hazardous area automation, including Zone 1 switches, WiFi and media converters. The Primation ATEX Zone 1 P-Ex WLAN provides connectivity for Aegex intrinsically safe tablets and sensors in hazardous location operations.

Primation Site

LiFi is high speed bi-directional networked and mobile communication of data using light. LiFi comprises of multiple light bulbs that form a wireless network, offering a substantially similar user experience to Wi-Fi except using the light spectrum.

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SensorInsight delivers comprehensive hardware, software and communications technology, while maintaining the open architecture needed to incorporate future technology and expended operations. Whether it's hundreds of miles away or down on the factory floor, SensorInsight works with best-in-class communication partners and highly specialized industry professionals to make certain the job is done right!

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Steven Gerhardt presentation at OCR2017

Snively Inc. specializes in the design and integration of custom automation solutions using the best of breed hardware, software and development techniques. A single source for integrations of RFID, Barcoding and various User Interfaces with over 30 years of experience in Complex Manufacturing Environments.

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