Safely Monitoring & Optimizing Flare Gas Systems

aegex10 Intrinsically Safe Tablet + ABLE FlareMaster

The Challenge

​Flare gas systems are used to burn off and dispose of waste and excess gases in oil and gas production, refining and storage operations worldwide. Flare stacks are installed in oil refineries, chemical process plants, well drilling operations, offshore platforms, transport ships, gas distribution infrastructure and landfills as part of gas waste and safety systems. Accurately and reliably measuring are gas is critical for maintaining safe working environments that protect people, assets and the environment from potentially hazardous combustible gases. Flare gas flow meters or are gas meters (FGM) are intelligent tools that report on flared gases, detecting leaks and alerting personnel about anomalies in processes, in order to comply with safety and environmental reporting. Keeping all relevant personnel informed about are gas conditions is paramount to safety and efficiency in any oil and gas operation.

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The Solution

​With the aegex10TM Intrinsically Safe Tablet and ABLE FlareMaster, oil and gas operators can safely monitor and optimize their flare gas systems. Improve monitoring accuracy and compliance Using the aegex10TM intrinsically safe tablet as a hazardous area approved to interface with the FlareMaster meter, personnel can optimize the performance of ultrasonic are gas meters by significantly reducing measurement uncertainty and ensuring the sustainability of measurement during the most challenging process upsets and anomalies. The operator can view on the Aegex tablet a real-time display of process data, including:

  • mass and standard volume flow
  • velocity
  • process temperature and pressure
  • historical records of measured and calculated data
  • Typically, this monitoring will improve accuracy by a factor of 5%, consequently preventing over-reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and assisting with Tier 3 compliance.

The Results

ABLE Instruments & Controls Ltd.’s FlareMaster DataFlow application running on the Aegex tablet gathers and analyses data in conjunction with the FlareMaster Enhanced Density Module (EDM) to provide the are gas meter with full are gas density inputs. The application presents a real-time display of are gas process data, including mass and standard volume ow, totalized ow, velocity, process temperature and pressure.

  • Onsite visualisation and control via aegex10 ATEX Zone 1 / Class I Div 1 Tablet
  • Reliable/repeatable are gas ow measurement even during
  • Enhanced accuracy ow velocity measurement up to 1000m/sec process upsets
  • Remote interrogation and parallel monitoring of multiple systems
  • Customizable graphs for process parameters
  • Remote alarm setting
  • Live process installation without shutdown
  • Service primary meter without loss of measurement
  • Dual redundancy of measurement
  • Flow calibration curve and linearization functions
  • Meter Compatibility: Any ultrasonic are gas meter
  • Operating Temperature: -100°C to 350°C
  • Pipe Sizes: 2 inches to 82 inches
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Want More Info?

About Aegex: Aegex is a technology engineering and design company that provides intrinsically safe Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and mobile solutions for hazardous industries. Our globally certified intrinsically safe Windows 10 tablet, sensors and partner monitoring systems, form an IoT platform that manages big data to improve efficiency, safety and productivity in hazardous industrial environments in oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, utilities, public safety, defense and other industries with potentially explosive atmospheres.

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