Enhancing Risk Management through Advanced Technologies

A collaborative solution to lower insurance costs and improve safety, security and operations.

The Challenge

An oil & gas multinational wants to further its digital transformation by bringing new technologies into all areas of its facilities to capture, transmit and analyze data in real time to improve efficiencies. However, most of the facilities are classified as Class I Division 1 (CID1) hazardous areas where combustible atmospheres permit only specially certified electronic equipment. All zones of the facilities are potentially combustible in the case of a leak or spill. To view a more complete picture of processes in its highly regulated facilities, the company wishes to collect operations, maintenance, workflow, personal health, and other data, but it is concerned about the security of sharing that sensitive data, as cybercriminals and foreign governments pose a real cybersecurity threat. It is critical that the company mitigate risk in their hazardous settings and protect against cyberthreats. A Blend of risk management consulting and tools can help strengthen the multinational’s cyber resilience.

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The Solution

Hardware Solution
Deploying Windows-based aegex10™ Intrinsically Safe Tablets to operators throughout the facilities allows them to record all types of data onsite, even in CID1 areas, as the tablets are globally certified “intrinsically safe,” meaning they do not pose a threat of spark ignition in highly volatile atmospheres. The aegex10™ operates on Wi-Fi or 4G LTE from any hazardous location around the globe on a unified platform, so the organization can deploy them worldwide. Because they operate Windows 10, the tablets synchronize seamlessly with the company’s internal IT systems, offering ease of use for global operations. The lightweight, rugged (IP65) and low-cost tablets are user-friendly and allow operators to access Windows 10 apps, cloud services and third party apps approved by their organization from any location. Users can communicate in real time using email, VoIP and video on the tablets. With aegex10™, the company can quickly and easily begin to capture critical information from the most hazardous areas of its facilities. Maintenance issues are reported and addressed in real time; for example: a technician is able to communicate via Skype or send photos and video from the source of the problem without risk to safety. Inspectors can complete forms or consult manuals instantaneously onsite using the tablet. Operators can access proprietary applications via the tablet for real-time asset management, data analysis and more. A myriad of processes can be more efficiently completed and managed with the aegex10™ tablets onsite in hazardous areas of the organization’s facilities or field service locations. But how can the company safely share its highly sensitive data, while mitigating its risk exposure? Aegex software partner FHOOSH™ provides cybersecurity, while partners AcuTech Consulting and Ridge Global build in cyber resilience with strategies for better security and lower risk exposure.
The Data protection Solution
With operators collecting real-time data and sharing it within the organization and possibly externally, the organization must be able to fully protect that data from the point at which it is created until it is delivered so it is never exposed to cybercrime. FHOOSH High-Speed Cyber Security protects data from the point of capture, dramatically speeds data transfer and provides “always-on” compliance for highly sensitive data. FHOOSH captures, transmits, stores and archives data in an always-protected state, eliminating any vulnerabilities that could occur during encryption or decryption. Since the data is never in an unencrypted state, moving that data through a network does not increase the scope for compliance or audit activities. This “always-on” compliance process is easier and less expensive, and FHOOSH protected backups make archiving quicker and more secure. FHOOSH also dramatically improves the speed at which data is transported from its capture to either local or cloud-based data centers where it is archived, achieving up to 8 times improvements in speed over simply copying unencrypted data. These performance gains enable FHOOSH to deliver the fastest low-latency AES256-bit secure video live streaming from IoT and other devices. FHOOSH also alerts about inappropriate attempts to access protected data and ensures data remains safe from unauthorized access even during breaches. This smart data protection is delivered as a software solution on Windows, Linux and multiple single-board IoT devices, providing end-to-end coverage; it is available soon on Mac and mobile.
The Risk Management Solution
The oil and gas multinational can manage risk with a dual approach that combines risk assessment tools with insurance and risk transfer solutions. AcuTech Consulting Group delivers ongoing risk management solutions to ensure compliance with safety, security, and environmental regulations and best practices, while Ridge Global customizes cyber insurance to provide remediation support to strengthen cyber resilience. This complete integrated solution blends hardware, software, advisory, training and risk transfer elements to provide the first cyber resilient data protection and high-speed sharing solution for hazardous settings.

The Results

Aegex + FHOOSH + AcuTech + Ridge Global: The Safest, Most Secure and Cyber Resilient Solution for Data Sharing in Hazardous Industries Using FHOOSH on aegex10™ Intrinsically Safe Tablets would allow the oil and gas company to securely and rapidly share sensitive data directly from its point of capture. Together with AcuTech Consulting Group and Ridge Global cyber risk insurance their risk process safety mangagement services, including their Acuity™ software, the oil and gas company benefits from a trusted, risk-mitigated solution for data protection and sharing. The comprehensive solution works across major platforms (cloud, on-premises/ physical network and IoT) and provides faster and better data protection. The easy-to-implement, cost-effective pairing works with both legacy and new technologies to collect and manage data in any hazardous environment and securely move all types and sizes of critical data, including large data stores, to the cloud of choice more efficiently and quickly.

  • Risk management tailored to organizations in hazardous industries
  • Secure, real-time data management and communications for the most hazardous industrial operations
  • Superior data protection that remains safe even when systems are breached paired with measurably faster sharing capabilities
  • Greater confidence that data stored in public clouds is secure, helping to speed public cloud migration initiatives
  • Dramatically faster protected data transmission speeds that enable secure real-time live streaming
  • “Always-on” compliance to meet standards requirements
  • Better system performance, especially when networks and necessary infrastructure are limited

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Want More Info?

About Aegex: Aegex is a technology engineering and design company that provides intrinsically safe Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and mobile solutions for hazardous industries. Our globally certified intrinsically safe Windows 10 tablet, sensors and partner monitoring systems, form an IoT platform that manages big data to improve efficiency, safety and productivity in hazardous industrial environments in oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, utilities, public safety, defense and other industries with potentially explosive atmospheres.