Safety and security are at the core of Aegex’s mission and our commitment to our customers. Aegex is a word that is based on the mythical Aegis shield that protected the gods and mortals in battle, and “Ex” is the international symbol for Intrinsically Safe. Everything we do at Aegex is built on the concept of protecting our customers in hazardous duty. We count on Intel© products for our security systems, because we know you can count on Intel.

McAfee®, an Intel© company, estimates the likely annual cost to the global economy for cybercrime is at least US$400 billion. In today’s environment, you cannot Build Your Own Solution for an enterprise without starting with security.

Aegex is committed to delivering to the market the safest devices for hazardous environments, and, therefore, security is a fundamental part of the architecture of the devices we design and build. Security must be built-in by design, seamlessly integrated into every device at every layer of the compute stack and not an after-thought or bolt-on feature.


Types of Aegex Security

There are three layers of security provided in every Aegex device. For devices working at the front edge of your organization, you must have all three:

Hazardous Location environments face many risks, but data should not be one of them. Aegex’s Security starts with Silicon Level Intel architecture that you already know you can trust. While all devices are susceptible to the growing number of viruses and malware threats, Aegex devices, with the Intel® Quad-Core Atom processor, provide the highest level of security available today. From Secure Memory and Storage to Identity and Content Protection, Intel and Aegex are working hard to protect your information.

Security starts with Silicon Level Intel© architecture. Embedded features include:

  • Intel Secure Key (PPDRNG)
  • Intel Platform Trust Technology (fTPM)
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0
  • Secure Boot

Upgrade Features with the Z3795 Processors include:

  • Intel Anti-Theft
  • Intel Identity Protection Technology
  • One Time Password
  • Protected Transaction Display
  • Wireless Credential Exchange Technology
  • Intel OS Guard (SMEP)

To protect the integrity of systems deployed in the field and the data they are capturing, Aegex is proud to partner with McAfee, the world’s largest dedicated security technology company to delivery security solutions for fixed function products.

McAfee Embedded Control

A small footprint, low-overhead software security solution that addresses a wide range of business requirements for embedded solutions

McAfee Integrity Control

Blocks unauthorized applications and change on fixed-function, point-of-service infrastructures, including ATMs, point-of-sale (POS) systems and kiosks.

McAfee Application Control

A centrally managed white-listing solution that blocks unauthorized applications and code on servers, corporate desktops and fixed-function devices.

McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite

An integrated solution that secures Windows systems against malware and unauthorized devices, providing device control and critical email and web protection.

McAfee VirusScan Enterprise

Combines anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall and intrusion prevention technologies to stop and remove malicious software.

It is not just outside threats that worry IT; security concerns can be heightened by devices that access and use the corporate intranet and internal resources. This is why Aegex provides an embedded Mobile Device Management (MDM) application that sits at a very low level of the device to ensure authorized use (and not abuse) occurs with your mission-critical equipment. This is crucial to security and process control.

Aegex builds exceptional solutions for Security, Auditing and Compliance. Our powerful engine, combined with its data collection, monitoring, management and reporting capabilities, gives partners and customers versatile abilities to design and build customized security solutions. From basic security updates and auditing to sophisticated usage monitoring and reporting, Aegex provides the right tools for your security solutions.

Solution examples range from PCI compliance and auditing to secure access for military and government employees. The breadth and depth of our MDM solution capabilities are vast, and the ability to integrate easily with legacy applications, analytics and reporting, and other tools and applications makes our solution ideal for rapid deployment situations. Aegex is the right choice for all of your mobile security and management needs.