Why are NetMotion and Aegex Partnering for #OCR2018?

Why are NetMotion and Aegex Partnering for #OCR2018?


Learn how Kirra Rice - NetMotion Channel Development & Management - sees her company’s role in #OCR218 and its ongoing partnership with Aegex.

What does NetMotion do?
NetMotion is committed to ensuring reliable high-performance connections for first responders and deeper visibility for the teams supporting them. During emergencies, response teams and those they serve need trusted connectivity and lightning fast speed. In addition to prioritizing all network traffic, NetMotion’s software also secures, optimizes, manages and analyzes that traffic. We keep mission-critical applications active and persistent and encrypt all traffic to and from, so that they can perform optimally at any given time.

Why is #OCR2018 a good venue to demonstrate NetMotion Software?
Attendees will be able to experience cutting-edge technologies that are powered by the nation’s largest and most reliable network, Verizon. NetMotion sees #OCR2018 as a chance to test our software with multiple tech partners. With NetMotion owning over 80% percent of the public safety market nationwide, #OCR2018 will be a good opportunity to prove out in realistic scenarios our products’ reliability and speed and highlight how well we work with every partner who has to show up when countless lives depend on it and better matters.

This is NetMotion’s first time at OCR. Why were you invited?
NetMotion was invited because of our commitment to supporting the Verizon Core network for first responders. In the event of any catastrophe, the public responders’ network has prioritization, no other traffic goes through it, to ensure first responders have connectivity and means to communicate. NetMotion is maximizing our joint efforts with Verizon to ensure first responders are armed with the tools they need to be successful, from compliance to connectivity, we have them covered.

How do NetMotion Software and Aegex solutions perform together?
NetMotion software ensures that applications function properly on Aegex Intrinsically Safe Tablets and that those tablets have optimal connectivity, even in bandwidth-challenged environments. #OCR2018 disaster scenarios are the perfect settings to not just test, but demonstrate the powerful performance of our products together.

What do you expect from #OCR2018?
We expect participants to be able to experience the significance and power behind our software solution, and we hope to expand our partner opportunities that will provide cutting-edge technologies to those who need them when every second counts.

Learn more about #OCR2018.

Operation Convergent Response 2018 (#OCR2018), which will be held Nov. 5-8, 2018, at the Guardian Centers in Perry, Ga. USA, is hosted by Verizon and Nokia in collaboration with the Guardian Centers and Aegex Technologies. The unique event is bringing together diverse technology companies to collaborate on solutions for assisting first responders to save lives during disasters.

NetMotion Software, which ensures optimal connectivity, reliable network performance and deep visibility for mobile communications, is one of more than 90 technology vendors partnering with Verizon, Nokia and Aegex Technologies during #OCR2018 to demonstrate their solutions with live first responder teams in seven realistic crisis scenarios. “

Schedule a demo with NetMotion during OCR. See a recent Aegex webinar, “Operational Intelligence in a Mobile Driven Environment,” hosted by NetMotion.