What does 'Aegex' mean?

What does 'Aegex' mean?

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Aegex Technologies is known as the company that has produced the world’s first globally certified, intrinsically safe Windows 10 tablet, bringing the power of IoT and cloud connectivity to the most volatile hazardous locations worldwide. But what is behind the name “Aegex”?

aegex - aegis shield“Aegex” is a word based on the mythical Aegis shield that Zeus and Athena (or their Roman counterparts, Jupiter and Minerva) carried in battle. To do something under an aegis is to do so with the protection of a powerful, knowledgeable, or benevolent source. Though we pronounce “Aegex” with a long “a” sound like “faith” rather than the long “e” sound typically heard in the word “aegis,” we named the company with that strong, wise shield in mind. We added “-ex” to the word to connote the widely used abbreviation for hazardous industries, areas, equipment, systems and services, “Ex.”

Why not pronounce “Aegex” like “Ee-jex”? Well, simply, we think it sounds better “A-jex.” But more important than pronunciation, remember the image that Aegex conveys: an altruistic, impenetrable shield that protects your enterprise from disaster. Our enterprise-ready Windows tablets are certified intrinsically safe, meaning they are incapable of producing energy sufficient to ignite a spark. This trusted technology provides real-time communication for your most hazardous operations without risking your most valuable assets. Trusting Aegex means helping your business capture and use big data to increase productivity while keeping people and property safe.

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