Using Digital Transformation to Combat Uncertainty in the Oil & Gas Industry

Using Digital Transformation to Combat Uncertainty in the Oil & Gas Industry


With growing global market uncertainty, digital transformation is becoming more prominent in many industries in efforts to reduce costs and streamline operations. However, the transition from legacy processes to new and faster digital technology is something that is leaving some organizations behind. While the transition to a digitized work environment is receiving minor push-backs from employees, it is proven that digital investments can achieve cost savings and create business growth. According to Forbes, the integration of technology in the workforce can save large companies up to $16 billion. While there are challenges that companies face using a more technology-focused foundation, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

Overall, there are many advantages to digitization in the workplace, such as improvements in productivity, collaboration, and accuracy. One basic example of digital transformation is cloud computing. Cloud computing decreases the dependence users have on computer hardware and allows users to access and share computer system resources instantly. The ability to access and share these resources through the cloud reduces costs, improves storage efficiency, and heightens security.

While many industries are quickly becoming more tech-savvy, the evolution of technology has been distinctively slower in the oil and gas industry. Due to the possibility of ignition or explosions from technical equipment, this industry has not been able to fully take advantage of the advancements in mobile technology. Although there has been a technological delay, recent digital transformation has made new resources available to these businesses. Now with Aegex Technologies, oil and gas professionals have a real solution to address challenges. The aegex10 Intrinsically Safe Tablet is built for use in the most hazardous and explosive environments and is Class I Division 1 (CID1) and ATEX/IECEx Zone 1 certified. This intrinsically safe device allows for advanced mobile collaboration on dangerous job sites where conventional devices are not permitted. The Aegex IoT platform allows companies to deliver proficiency and enhance performance in hazardous environments.

Aegex enables technical changes in oil and gas operations, such as using cloud computing, automation technology, real-time communication, and the ability to download and use artificial intelligence (AI) software. These advancements can improve multiple aspects of a business. According to Oil Price, AI is the top-cited technology that can generate an impact on energy firms over the next three years. AI can automate the process of inspection and maintenance on oil and gas job sites. With AI, this process is not only automated but conducted more efficiently with fewer errors. Additionally, by using real-time collaboration and data insights about operations, companies can make intelligent, data-driven decisions. Field personnel can respond to emergencies and events, send data and forms, and communicate efficiently in real-time. With Aegex intrinsically safe tablets, all these solutions can be achieved and, thus, improve companies’ operations, efficiency, safety, and productivity.

While technology has made a distinctive imprint on the operations of businesses, people are still struggling to adapt. To address this issue, many innovative technology companies are making digital transitions more user-friendly. For example, Microsoft has a new technology innovation hub in Houston that is designed to help clients grow, compete, and transform in the digital economy. The Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) in Houston helps clients drive business by focusing on the digital customer, connecting platforms, and rethinking operations models and strategies. Aegex Technologies is showcasing its intrinsically safe Windows 10 tablet at the MTC in Houston. The aegex10 Tablet is the first device to bring the power of Windows 10 to CID1 and ATEX/IECEx Zone 1 hazardous locations. The Aegex tablet provides professionals better access to industry-specific applications and Microsoft products in gas and oil operations.

As reported by Forbes, only 7 percent of companies have fully executed their digital transformations. Hence, there are still numerous companies looking integrate their business with advanced technology. Digital transformation provides businesses with valuable, new resources that can improve overall operations. Moving away from manual processes and fully embracing the benefits of technology can result in the optimization and successful transformation of oil and gas businesses.

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