Top 3 Digital Technology Trends in 2023

Top 3 Digital Technology Trends in 2023


Top 3 Digital Technology Trends In 2023

The trend toward increasing digitalization started before the COVID pandemic in 2019. After this time, the trend accelerated to address economic turbulence as organizations grappled with high inflation rates, workforce shortages, and unpredictable supply chain disruptions. For many executives, cost savings remain a high priority, but not at the expense of operational excellence. 

2023 Digital Trends


Many corporate functions, including client interactions, have moved to the digital platform. Some of these business groups now have responsibility for revenue generation, even if that was not the original intent. With the "right data at the right time," organizations can respond quickly to changing conditions and support quick decision-making. However, executives find companies aren't in a good position to react to artificial intelligence (AI) risks. 

Gartner survey found that 80% of executives believe AI can apply to most business decisions and that nearly as many believe AI talent is something they can outsource. Yet, at least 40% of companies acknowledged they had a security or privacy breach related to AI. The breaches associated with AI are often from insiders, which could include their outsourced talent for developing AI optimizations. The wolf guards the sheep.


Companies have many options for how and where to locate their data and collaboration needs. Historically, companies would purchase the hardware and maintain a data center on their premises with the idea that this would increase security. However, this solution offers a fixed storage and processing capacity. Cloud computing offers vertical solutions that remain flexible to the actual need, which can change daily, monthly, or annually. 

Cloud computing options now provide various modules and packages that can adjust to meet current needs without the expense and challenges of developing on-site capabilities. These platforms are customizable and offer faster adjustments to conditions without lengthy procurement procedures. As discussed above, security can be a significant concern, and on-site data centers can create cybersecurity vulnerabilities that are better managed in cloud computing delivery. IT executives depend on faster product delivery, regardless of location around the world, through advanced cloud computing.


Digital technology continues to bridge the gap between reality and augmented reality. According to Gartner, super apps and increased use of the metaverse will grow, with over 40% of large organizations using these to increase profits by 2027. This is already happening with many platforms that are creating partnerships with applications to integrate workflow. 

No longer will you need to open several applications (e.g., calendar, to-do list, and messaging apps) to create tasks for yourself and others in your organization, and most importantly, track that those are in alignment with the team's goals, completion, and how that task contributed to profitability. 

Add adaptive AI and the dynamic workplace can identify if that task is unnecessary before completion. Instead of traveling or having recurring meetings, some technology-based companies are canceling meetings altogether or using metaverse rooms to collaborate. The intention of all this is to provide new forms of engagement and response while boosting the bottom line. 

Insights Into Hazardous Location - Digital Technology Trends

Hazardous locations are an excellent example of the effective deployment of technology to improve worker safety, data acquisition, and facility efficiency. A single platform can integrate regulatory requirements for emissions, product quality controls, worker and community safety protocols, and stakeholder transparency. 

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