New Windows Features Make for Even Stronger aegex10 Tablet Experience

New Windows Features Make for Even Stronger aegex10 Tablet Experience


What may seem like simple changes in Windows 10 can add up to large productivity advantages on the aegex10 Intrinsically Safe Tablet. The Windows 10 version 1809 October 2018 Update, plus updates to Microsoft Teams collaboration services, have helped aegex10 tablet users to be even more seamlessly engaged across field operations and offices, despite some of them working in the most hazardous of environments.

Aegex tablet users work in oil refineries, chemical plants, pharmaceutical facilities, offshore rigs, emergency response situations or other potentially explosive environments, where only Class I Division 1 or Zone 1 certified devices are permitted. These personnel enjoy the ease of digitally filling out inspection forms, consulting online manuals, Skyping offsite experts for advice, and other cloud-based operations that may have been impossible prior to using the aegex10, which is designed to not cause a spark that could ignite a combustible environment. With the aegex10, they already enjoyed all of the perks that Windows 10 office workers do, including email, voice over IP, team collaboration, cloud storage and more – all of the enterprise tools that help drive improved performance - even in hazardous locations.

But the semi-annual Windows version 1809 release, plus new Microsoft Teams updates, have boosted hazardous personnel’s performance even further with some impactful upgrades, including the ability to:

  1. See battery usage of apps: Windows 10 Task Manager shows the battery usage of apps on the aegex10 tablet, allowing users to manage their tablet operating time by monitoring the apps they are running.
  2. Safeguard browsing: Security settings in Windows 1809 now permit users to run browsers in a separate environment, making browsing safer by separating web activity from other operations.
  3. Track mobile data usage: An updated Data Usage page in Network & Internet settings shows statistics for mobile data using a SIM card while roaming.
  4. Automatically free up additional space: In Windows 10, Storage Sense already helped to free up space automatically as a device starts to run out of space, but in version 1809, a new feature makes unused OneDrive cloud content available only online to save even more space.
  5. Set preferred sound options: Preferred spatial audio format can be selected in the Sound settings, including an option to disable speakers or microphone when appropriate.
  6. Search more thoroughly: The search function not only allows users to search on the web, but also search the device for apps, documents and other items. The new search preview shows recent documents associated with a search, displays more information about files, and also includes a download button for searched third-party apps.
  7. Copy, paste and screenshot across devices: aegex10 Tablet users can now copy content onto the tablet’s clipboard and, if necessary, later paste it on their desktop or phone. New shortcuts enable taking screenshots with an Aegex stylus for easier use in industrial settings.
  8. Change font size: New Windows features enable increasing font size for the entire system, a valuable feature in extreme work environments, even on the already large 10.1-inch aegex10 screen.
  9. Group chat in Teams: Microsoft Teams, an organizational collaboration service, now accommodates chats among 50 members in a group, up from 20. Teams allows up to 20 members to participate in group calls, video and screen sharing.
  10. Quickly access apps during group chats: Private groups can add multiple apps as tabs to their chats, including Trello for project management, OneNote note-taking, PowerBI analytics, and more.
  11. Easily set up Teams meetings: Online meetings can now be arranged through Microsoft Outlook email for seamless organization.
  12. Collaborate with the whole organization: Up to 2,500 users can be integrated into organization-wide teams for widespread visibility and cooperation. And with aegex10 tablets, even personnel in the most hazardous locations can join in!

Windows 1809 is now available on aegex10 Intrinsically Safe Tablets as an automatic update through Windows Update.

Contact Aegex to learn more about how the Windows 10 OS can help your hazardous area teams improve efficiency, safety and productivity.