Making IoT Simple for Oil & Gas with the NexVu Sensor Array: Q&A Recap of 14 August Webinar

Making IoT Simple for Oil & Gas with the NexVu Sensor Array: Q&A Recap of 14 August Webinar


Atlanta, Ga. (August 14, 2019) – Aegex Technologies recently delivered a 30-minute webinar, “IoT for Oil & Gas Made Simple - Introducing the Aegex NexVu Intrinsically Safe Sensor Array,” to reveal a revolutionary solution for collecting contextual data in hazardous operations.

During the webinar, Aegex engineering and marketing representatives explained how the customizable NexVu IoT sensors help predict or prevent issues and streamline operations in hazardous environments. By combining sensors of different types into an array and even connecting legacy equipment to that array, NexVu offers thousands of combinations of data, providing context surrounding operations. This insight allows predictive maintenance or other anticipatory decision-making to improve processes and realize better outcomes.

The following is an excerpt from the August 14, 2019 webinar:

Q: “We are already seeing some digital transformation in hazardous locations. How can NexVu further progress that?”

A: “NexVu from its outset was designed not to replace existing equipment, only augment it and expand it. NexVu is harvesting mountains of information and expanding that “next level view” into operations. To achieve this, NexVu was designed as an open architecture system to capture and encrypt data to flow directly to the cloud or to be supported by on-premise systems so that information can be populated straight to process automation systems, field services, or inventory and asset management systems, etc.”

“With Aegex’s NexVu IoT sensors, corporations now have a 24-7 inside look into active environments that might include the presence of gases or particulates and, more importantly, add contextual data by giving environmental readings such as temperature, light, pressure, oxygen, carbon dioxide and other conditions. These additional data points bring a traditional singular measurement to life.”

Listen to the webinar in its entirety here.

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About Aegex Technologies, LLC
Aegex Technologies is a global provider of certified intrinsically safe solutions that connect people, assets and data in industries with hazardous locations. By offering real-time collaboration and data insight about operations, Aegex enables companies to make intelligent, data-driven decisions that help transform the way they operate, improving efficiency, safety and productivity.

Aegex solutions, including mobile communications devices and IoT sensors and platform, are certified for use in the world’s most hazardous areas, Class I, II, III Division 1 and ATEX/IECEx Zone 1. Together with our partner ecosystem applications, they bring actionable insights to critical environments such as oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, energy/utilities, aviation and emergency response.

Our aegex10 Intrinsically Safe Tablet, NexVu IoT Solution and future products are supported by a network of strategic partners, technology partners, resellers and distributors around the globe.


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