Ensuring Integrity and Safety in Oil and Gas Rounds with Digital Technologies

Ensuring Integrity and Safety in Oil and Gas Rounds with Digital Technologies


Oil and gas drilling, processing, and distribution comprise a critical infrastructure industry in which information management is crucial to operations’ integrity and safety. With millions of data points surrounding the operation of these industrial environments, organizing that information to use it for actionable insights is challenging, to say the least.

Inspectors and technicians must routinely complete rounds to ensure equipment and processes are operating optimally. These rounds require checks on workflow, data collection, task management, maintenance management, production tracking and compliance updates.

Data management solutions that ensure the integrity of rounds information have been in place for some time and are constantly evolving. But mobile equipment that enables technicians to have that information at their fingertips in all areas of hazardous oil and gas operations is relatively new.

Intrinsically safe tablets that are certified to not cause a spark that could ignite a volatile environment are increasingly being utilized by technicians to complete routine inspection rounds in potentially explosive environments. Tablets enable operators to:
- Scan tags to quickly identify assets
- Display automated inspection checklists and instructions
- Enter rounds data into digital cloud-connected systems
- Store data in ERP or back-office systems
- Share data with teams via email or other applications
- Take photos or video of operations
- Consult online databases, instructions, regulations or documentation
- Recall historical data
- Consult offsite experts or team members via collaboration solutions

Performing operator rounds with rounds management software on approved tablets is not only more efficient, but it also ensures greater accuracy. Entering rounds data into digital forms rather than writing it with pen and paper (as done in hazardous area operations where electronic equipment poses a risk for explosion) speeds up the process, plus ensures data is in the correct format.

Digital rounds that improve processes and information that is more accurate also help to ensure compliance with the oil and gas industry’s strict regulations and mandates. Having a digital time stamp of rounds tasks helps to confirm their completion and notate additional steps that need follow-up.

Ask Aegex how our intrinsically safe tablets combined with our partners’ digital rounds management solutions can safely assist in maintaining your oil and gas data integrity.