Intrinsically Safe Tablets Improve Chemical Manufacturing Sustainability

Intrinsically Safe Tablets Improve Chemical Manufacturing Sustainability


Global interest in preventing pollution and reducing toxic emissions is steadily gaining momentum. In response to growing government and market pressures, chemical manufacturing firms turn to green chemistry practices to reduce negative environmental impacts. Green chemistry is recognized by the American Chemical Society (ACS) as the application of metrics to quantify greener processes for waste, energy, and hazardous substance reduction or elimination. Life cycle environmental impacts are also considered, such as reducing demand on diminishing resources, using more renewable feedstocks, and designing for product end of life or final disposition. Using state of the art digital technologies, such as IoT-based intrinsically safe tablets, chemical manufacturers are designing cleaner, more sustainable processes and developing more earth-friendly products.

Benefits of Applying Technology to Chemical Manufacturing Environments

By actively adopting green chemistry practices, top chemical manufacturers lead the way to a more sustainable future and reaping economic rewards and positive social impacts along the way.

For example, the unintended or irregular leaks of gases or vapors, known as fugitive emissions, are increasingly scrutinized. By applying green tech-based solutions to detect and reduce fugitive emissions, chemical manufacturers can realize significant benefits. These emissions represent product and revenue loss, a safety risk, and a negative environmental impact.

How Intrinsically Safe Tablets Improve Chemical Manufacturing Sustainability

Adopting the green chemistry practice of using metrics to quantify greener processes improves sustainability in chemical manufacturing. Used together with NexVu IoT sensors and a host of innovative mobile applications, the Zone 1 certified aegex10 intrinsically safe tablet plays a significant role in managing collected metrics. By facilitating such tasks as real-time chemical inventory management, regulatory compliance, workflow efficiency, employee safety, etc., the applications ultimately enable process improvement and economic and optimal operational productivity.

Innovative Features of the aegex10 Intrinsically Safe Tablet

The Zone 1 certified aegex10 intrinsically safe tablet, with a Windows-based operating system, provides enterprise-class applications, security, and customization. With cloud-based, on-premises only, and customizable hybrid online connectivity options, aegex10 tablets feature a wide variety of solutions for improving productivity and cost-efficiency, ultimately leading to improved processes, products, and sustainability. The following list of real-time solutions are only a sample of aegex10 applications:

  • Manage data - convey the correct data to the right people at the proper time to optimize processes; facilitate data analysis to improve processes, detect leaks, correct mistakes, prevent future errors, and more.
  • Automate workflow - organize, schedule, and track tasks, timelines, responsibilities, and other workflows.
  • Streamline maintenance - plan maintenance inspections, review assets, consult technical data, report findings, schedule repairs, and other maintenance-related tasks.
  • Track assets - track location/movement via unique RFID tags, perform regular inventory counts, and other asset tracking requirements.
  • Digitize paperwork - write/sign/save/email documents, take photos, videos, collaborate in real-time, and so much more.

Green Tech-Based Solutions Offer Economic Opportunities & Expansion

Green tech-based solutions for your chemical manufacturing operations offer economic opportunities and expansion into a more sustainable future. By employing innovative IoT-based technologies and solutions, such as the aegex10 intrinsically safe tablet, chemical manufacturing firms are creating sustainable alternatives to hazardous substances and designing earth-friendly processes for reducing product waste, energy consumption, and toxic emissions. Place your enterprise at the forefront of an expanding world of products, services, and populations by adopting green chemistry practices via Aegex technologies.