Help Your Employees Be More Engaged: Give Them Digital Transformation Technologies

Help Your Employees Be More Engaged: Give Them Digital Transformation Technologies


In an era when digitalization is at the top of every conversation, human interaction with the digital world will remain a critical aspect of large-scale hazardous operations.  Engagement of workers is an essential part of a company’s digital transformation.  But, according to Gallup, less than one-third of U.S. workers report being “engaged” in their work.

In industrial settings, where accidents can have catastrophic effects, employee engagement is essential for safety and productivity. Specialized manufacturing environments, especially those where potentially explosive gases or liquids are present, present an additional incentive for keeping employees fully aware and actively participating in every step of operations activities and monitoring. Employees who cannot act quickly on data and conditions in these environments because they are not equipped with the appropriate technological tools add to the already-high risk involved in those operations.

‍As lower employee engagement is directly correlated with lower productivity and increased risk, then, the question arises, “How can technology improve employee engagement?”

The more employees are engaged in their work, the higher their motivation and accountability.  Increased use of mobile devices, digital workflows, and cloud-based platforms enables businesses to reduce the amount of administrative work of qualified and high-value field workers. Additionally, moving to digital tools like mobile devices and IoT sensors drives automation, accuracy and timeliness of information that can be critical in hazardous operations. Further, such technologies empower workers to focus more on creative problem solving, planning, and solutions for costly issues as they arise.

Through digital transformation with the increased use of mobile and IoT technologies in industrial environments, companies have an opportunity to use technology not only to improve business operations, but also allow employees to realize their fullest potential.

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